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Mandeep Nehra



  • Navy

    Technical Point of Contact

Solicitation Topics

This person acted as an agency sponsor for these current and past funding opportunities.
Title Agency Solicitation Topic Date
Real-time Compression for Acoustic Array Time-Domain Data Navy N181 N181-067 Nov 2017
Hydrodynamic Control of a Towed Vertical Array Navy N181 N181-036 Nov 2017
Electroactive Polymer Actuators for Unmanned Undersea and Surface Vehicles Navy N181 N181-032 Nov 2017
Broadband Sonar Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for Undersea Marine Life and Hazard Detection & Classification Navy N171 N171-065 Nov 2016
Methods for Measuring an Acoustic Array’s Straightness and for Autonomous Mechanical Straightening to Avoid Contact with Sea Bottom Under All Operational Conditions Navy N171 N171-055 Nov 2016