Physical Optics Corp.

1845 West 205th Street Array
Torrance, CA 90501
283 Employees

SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 1745
Total Value of Awards $443MM
First Award Date 01/01/86
Most Recent Award Date 09/01/17

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Sandomirsky Dr. Sergey Sandomirsky 26 Message
Tahim Mr. Raghbir Tahim 1 Message
Xu Dr. Brian H.Y. Xu 8 Message
McMahon Dr. Shean McMahon 25 Message
Kurtz Dr. Russell Kurtz 17 Message
Chua Dr. Kang-Bin Chua 35 Message
Ma Mr. Naibing Ma 22 Message
Paki-Amouzou Dr. Pauline Paki-Amouzou 1 Message
Zou Dr. Yunlu Zou 11 Message
Xia Dr. Xiaowei Xia 10 Message
Asanbaeva Dr. Anna Asanbaeva 4 Message
Shih Dr. Min-Yi Shih 7 Message
Luo Dr. Jimmy Luo 4 Message
Agurok Dr. Ilya Agurok 26 Message
Michaelis Dr. B. Matthew Michaelis 3 Message
Bukshpun Dr. Leonid Bukshpun 5 Message
Khizhnichenko Dr. Vitaliy Khizhnichenko 1 Message
Amouzou Dr. Pauline Paki Amouzou 2 Message
Pradhan Dr. Ranjit D. Pradhan 15 Message
Kim Dr. Keehoon Kim 26 Message
Niimura Dr. Marvin Niimura 4 Message
Menon Dr. Naresh Menon 8 Message
Drew Gordon Drew 308 Message
Gertsenshteyn Dr. Michael Gertsenshteyn 13 Message
Sandormirsky Dr. Sergey Sandormirsky 1 Message
Wang Dr. Wenjian Wang 21 Message
Dimov Dr. Fedor Dimov 10 Message
Yu Mr. Kevin Yu 20 Message
Kupiec Dr. Stephen Kupiec 24 Message
Okorogu Dr. Albert Okorogu 4 Message
Riasati Dr. Vahid Riasati 1 Message
Ro Dr. Sookwang Ro 2 Message
Naumov Dr. Alex Naumov 4 Message
Schnitser Dr. Paul Schnitser 3 Message
Levin Dr. Eugene Levin 6 Message
Piliavin Dr. Michael Piliavin 5 Message
Liu Dr. Shizhong Liu 1 Message
Chirkov Dr. Valeriy Chirkov 2 Message
Goldsmith Dr. Alfred Goldsmith 5 Message
Chao Dr. Shui Lin Chao 3 Message
Peng Dr. Shengji Peng 4 Message
Resnikov Dr. Michael Resnikov 2 Message
Fruehauf Dr. Norbert Fruehauf 3 Message
Rotenberg Mr. Joseph Rotenberg 1
Avakian Dr. Aramais Avakian 2
Ternovskiy Dr. Igor Ternovskiy 4 Message
Manasson Dr. Vladimir Manasson 8
Mendoza Edgar A. Mendoza 11
Lin Dr. Freddie Lin 41
Savant Dr. Gajendra D Savant 28
Chen Ray T. Chen PhD 19
Freddie Dr. Freddie 1
Kim Richard Kim PhD 3
Sadovnik Lev Sadovnik 16
Lu Taiwei Lu 6
Wu Dr. Shudong Wu 9
Savant Savant 1
Rizkin Alexander Rizkin 7
Wang Michael Wang 12
Ho Z. Ho 3
Panahi Allen Panahi PhD 4
Zhao Dr. Mingjun Zhao 2
Saxena Indu Saxena 2
Qiu Wei Qiu 2
Zhang Sean Zhang 2 Message
Rotenberg Jospeh Rotenberg 1 Message
Hester Mr. Todd Hester 2 Message
Kurtz Dr. Russel Kurtz 1 Message
Jannson Dr. Joanna Jannson 14
Phillips Dr. William Phillips 1
Jannson Dr. Thomasz Jannson 33
Kuo Dr. Chai Pei Kuo 1
Katsman Vladimir Katsman PhD 2
Foster Mark W. Foster 5
Clark Roy Clark PhD 2
Schmidlin Edward M. Schmidlin 3
Prohaska John D. Prohaska PhD 2
Fang Daniel Fang 1
Zhang Zhanxiang Zhang PhD 4
Vasiliev Anatoly Vasiliev PhD 4
Kempen Dr. Lothar U. Kempen 20 Message
Kim Dia Hyun Kim PhD 1
Yunlu Zou Ph. D. Yunlu Zou 1
Savant De Gajendra Savant 1
Luo Jhy-Ming Luo 1
Liu Dr. William Liu 2
Jannson Ph D Tomasz Jannson Ph D 1
Strzelecki Eva Strzelecki 6
Ho Z.Z. Ho PhD 1
Lerner Mr. Jeremy Lerner 1
Shih Robert Shih PhD 4
Campbell Gene Campbell 2
Xu Dr. Guoda Xu PhD 12
Kim Dr. Dai Hyun Kim PhD 17
Chen Hong Chen PhD 3
Wang Dr. Wayne W. Wang 3
Fang Tunchen Daniel Fang 1
Goswami Kishology Goswami PhD 1
Tripathi Sanjay Tripathi PhD 1
Wang Dr. Allan Z. Wang 1
Spariosu Kalin Spariosu 2
Shaw Patty Shaw 33
Stepan Dr. Lenka Stepan 2 Message
Khaydarov Dr. Alexander Khaydarov 2 Message
Rickard Dr. Matthew Rickard 1 Message
Yang Dr. Yungping Yang 1 Message
Zhang Dr. Hansheng Zhang 2 Message
Mengesha Dr. Wondwosen Mengesha 4 Message
Yang Dr. Yunping Yang 5 Message
Grubsky Dr. Victor Grubsky 15 Message
Romanov Dr. Volodymyr Romanov 23 Message
Yu Dr. Baolong Yu 6 Message
Shapoury Dr. Alireza Shapoury 14 Message
Wong Dr. Steve Wong 1 Message
Peng Dr. Wei Peng 2 Message
Bock Dr. Daniel Bock 17 Message
Pradhan Dr. Shilpa Pradhan 11 Message
Holmstedt Jason Holmstedt 21 Message
Asanbaeva Anya Asanbaeva 8 Message
Bandekar Dr. Vijay Bandekar 1 Message
Galkin Dr. Oleg Galkin 13 Message
Tran Davis Tran 1 Message
Bishop Justin Bishop 1 Message
Mikaelian Gary Mikaelian 13 Message
Medvedkin Gennady Medvedkin 2 Message
Matthews John Matthews 19 Message
Rouhanizadeh Mahsa Rouhanizadeh 2 Message
Degrood Kevin Degrood 8 Message
Milovanov Mr. Alexander Milovanov 20 Message
Lee Kang Lee 25 Message
Kostrzewski Dr. Andrew Kostrzewski 53 Message
Hodelin Juan Hodelin 13 Message
Kim Nathanael Kim 4 Message
DeHoog Edward DeHoog 5 Message
Berezhnyy Ihor Berezhnyy 4 Message
Boghrat Pedram Boghrat 5 Message
Esterkin Vladimir Esterkin 12 Message
Ostroumov Roman Ostroumov 2 Message
Kolessov Alex Kolessov 11 Message
Sevastyanov Vladimir Sevastyanov 1 Message
Lopez Martin Lopez 3 Message
Buksphun Leonid Buksphun 1 Message
Orlov Sergei Orlov 1 Message
Kunc Robert Kunc 5 Message
Hollister Allen Hollister 2 Message
Chao Chung-Yen Chao 6 Message
Ng Eddie Ng 1 Message
Patnekar Ninad Patnekar 13 Message
Starodubov Dmitry Starodubov 5 Message
Katake Anup Katake 2 Message
Wey Chi Wey 1 Message
Zeltser Dr. Gregory Zeltser 52 Message
Miller David Miller 2 Message
Ulmer Chris Ulmer 7 Message
Brecht Hans-Peter Brecht 4 Message
Littlefield Mark Littlefield 1 Message
Hoang Sonny Hoang 1 Message
Naumov Dr. Alexander Naumov 22 Message
Gans Dr. Eric Gans 9 Message
Sandberg Berta Sandberg 1 Message
Kompaniets Dr. Iouri Kompaniets 4 Message
Garcia Nicholas Garcia 1 Message
Sadovnik Lev Sadovnik 1
Ho Winston Z Ho 7
Wu Shudong Wu 2
Lerner Jeremy M Lerner 1
Schmidlin Edward M Schmidlin 1
Agurok Ilya Agurok 6
Spariosu Kalin Spariosu 1
Xu Guoda Xu 1
Wang Allan Z Wang 1
Saxena Indu Saxena 1
Shnitser Dr. Paul Shnitser PhD 73 Message
Aye Dr. Tin M Aye 107 Message
Panahi Allen Panahi 3
Piliavin Michael Piliavin 1
Kupiec Stephen A Kupiec 1
Mendoza Edgar A Mendoza 1
Lin Freddie S Lin 3
Rao Srivatsa V Rao 1
Parfenov Dr. Alexander Parfenov 38 Message
Chua Kang-Bin Chua 2
Matthews John Matthews 2
Lieberman Robert A Lieberman 47 Message
Zhang Dr. Fang A Zhang 20 Message
Holmstedt Jason Holmstedt 1
Bukshpun Leonid Bukshpun 1
Sandomirsky Sergey Sandomirsky 1
Asanbaeva Anna Asanbaeva 1
Xia Xiaowei Xia 1
Patnekar Ninad Patnekar 1
Niimura Marvin Niimura 1
Nair Achothan Nair 1
Qian Sihai Qian 1
Avakian Dr. Avakian 1
Andrew Andrew PhD 1 Message
Yunlu Yunlu PhD 1 Message
Mingjun Mingjun PhD 1 Message
Andrew Kostrzewski Andrew 2 Message
Mingjun Zhao Mingjun 2 Message
Albert Okorogu Albert 1 Message
Reznikov Dr. Michael Reznikov 42 Message
Russell Kurtz Russell 1 Message
Poliakov Evgeni Poliakov 2 Message
Lin Dr. Shing-hong Lin 2
yeung Peter yeung 4
Khune Dr. Gajendra Khune 2
L Dr. Shing-hong L 2
Kuo Chai-pei Kuo 1
Ho Zonh-zen Ho 4
Siao Dr. Sueh-wen Siao 1
Lian Dr. Wayne Lian 2
Cheng Dr. Paul Cheng 2
Shnitzer Paul Shnitzer 1 Message
Goldsmith Al Goldsmith 1 Message
Utama Selvy Utama 1 Message
Gregory Bobbie Gregory 1 Message
Sivanesan Ponniah Sivanesan 2 Message
Korovyanko Oleg Korovyanko 1 Message
Suh Christian Suh 1 Message
Wilkinson Paul Wilkinson 2 Message
Nieva Samuel Nieva 2 Message
Moslehi Dr. Behzad Moslehi PhD 114 Message
Goswani Dr. Kisholoy Goswani PhD 69 Message
Mechery Shelly Mechery 3 Message
Buell John Buell 3 Message
Garcia-Salazar Ofir Garcia-Salazar 1 Message
Salazar Pedro Salazar 1 Message
Stephens Robert Stephens 2 Message
Khalid Shahzad Khalid 5 Message
Garcia Ofir Garcia 3 Message
Milanes Eddy Milanes 1 Message
Bell John Bell 4 Message
Twiss Peter Twiss 1 Message
Levin Kenneth Levin 10 Message
SeGall Marc SeGall PhD 4 Message
Patton Dr. Edward M. Patton 6 Message
Tikhoplav Rodion Tikhoplav 1 Message
Drew Torrance Drew 1 Message
Plotkin Yuri Plotkin 2 Message
Jiang Steve Jiang 1 Message
Zahzah Mohamad Zahzah 1 Message
Peng Gregory Peng 2 Message
Norell Jeffrey Norell 3 Message
Levin Kenneth Levin 2 Message
Kaplan Gabriel Kaplan 1 Message
Ma Mr. John Ma PhD 1 Message
Bell Dr. John Bell 2 Message
Mechery Shely Mechery 0 Message
Mitchell Mark Mitchell 1 Message
Matthews John Matthews 8 Message
Choi Jae Choi PhD 11 Message
SeGal Marc SeGal 0 Message
C Chung-Yen C PhD 0 Message
Twis Peter Twis 0 Message
Buel John Buel 0 Message
P Sivanesan P PhD 6 Message
Norel Jefrey Norel 0 Message
S Marc S PhD 0 Message
Holmstedt Mr. Holmstedt 1 Message
Kolessov Alex Kolessov 1 Message
Ro Sookwang Ro 1 Message
Carranza Luis Carranza 2 Message
Kuyper Mr. Alexander Kuyper 1 Message
Ponniah Dr. Si Ponniah 1 Message
Vasudevan Mr. Avinash Vasudevan 1 Message
Ponniah Sivanesan Ponniah 4 Message
Sarkhosh Niusha Sarkhosh PhD 1 Message
Sharma Prachee Sharma 3 Message
Baker Keith Baker 1 Message
Deng Julia Deng 1 Message
Domeshek Dr. Eric Domeshek 1 Message
Tanenhaus Martin Tanenhaus 1 Message
Rohanizadeh Mahsa Rohanizadeh PhD 2 Message
Harrison Mr. Mark Harrison PhD 2 Message
Khalid Mr. Shazad Khalid PhD 1 Message

1745 Awards Won

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-16-302
Budget: 09/01/17 - 08/31/18

PROJECT SUMMARY/ABSTRACT Occupational noise is a widespread risk factor strongly linked to critical health hazards such as hearing loss, psychiatric disorders, increased blood pressure, and harmful biochemical, immune system, and birth-weight effects. In the United States, every year more than 30 million workers are exposed to hazardous noise le...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 17d
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Rare earth elements are commonly used in modern high-tech products, including electronics, chemical catalysts, and lasers, and global demand for them is rising rapidly. However, these minerals are often difficult to locate, mine, and purify, posing a significant availability risk due to the disparity between supply and demand. Therefore, the rar...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 16a
Budget: 06/12/17 - 04/11/18

Research and development of innovative marine and hydrokinetic systems is sought to produce nonelectric products such as hydrogen and fresh water. The goal is to mitigate challenges in transportation and storage of harvested energy, especially from distributed small-scale energy harvesters. General statement of how this problem or situation is b...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 17a
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Many energy systems and components are dependent on cybersecurity technologies that protect the integrity and reliability of digital technologies they incorporate. The systems, components, and specific equipment relevant to fossil energy based systems include a wide variety of gas turbines, heat exchangers, solid oxide fuel cells, advanced combu...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Topic: H-SB017.1-001
Budget: 05/01/17 - 10/31/17

To address the DHS need, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new InfraRed and Optical Wilderness Location and Surveillance (IROWL) system based on the unique integration of a handheld spotting device, display, and compact multispectral zoom optics. The lightweight handheld device includes surveillance optics, infrared sensors...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 15d
Budget: 04/10/17 - 04/09/19

Ceramics that can withstand high temperature and pressures and that can be joined to metallic components are needed for advanced high efficiency fossil fuel and nuclear power plants. The proposed process will develop improved ceramic materials capable of being joined together and manufactured at lower cost compared to existing materials.

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 01b
Budget: 04/10/17 - 04/09/19

To advance the nation’s capabilities to continuously monitor the integrity of high-performance computing networks, high-quality optical signal test-support equipment is required. Low-cost, user-adjustable data rate optical signal test support equipment for long-distance, wide area and other fiber optic networks operating in electronically noisy ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Topic: H-SB016.1-008
Budget: 03/31/17 - 03/30/19

To address the DHS need for a new data analytics engine to correlate social media comments and activity with incident command data, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes, in Phase II, to advance a new Real-time Information Contextual Correlation and Analysis (RICCA) software system proven feasible in Phase I. RICCA is based on unstructured ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Topic: H-SB016.1-005
Budget: 03/20/17 - 03/19/19

To address the DHS need to rapidly predict, detect, and react to ever-changing flood conditions, Physical Optics Corporation (POC) proposes to develop a new Real-time Flood Forecasting and Reporting (RAFFAR) system based on a combination of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) wireless networking technologies and existing proprietary POC sensors. The...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 03a
Budget: 02/21/17 - 12/20/17

The facilities, centers, infrastructure, or resources of the sponsor of the proposed project are designed to be easily accessible to users over the worldwide network, while ensuring effective cybersecurity monitoring, situational awareness, logging, reporting, intrusion prevention, remediation, etc., is an increasingly important task. Although m...

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