Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.

16 ?North Camino Miramonte
Tucson, AZ 85716
117 Employees

SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 150
Total Value of Awards $44.2MM
First Award Date 07/01/97
Most Recent Award Date 07/17/14

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Stacy Mr. Mark A. Stacy 11 Message
Hreha Dr. Richard D Hreha 12 Message
Havens Ernie Havens 10
Everhart Matthew C Everhart 2 Message
Dietsch Benjamin A Dietsch 6 Message
Hermiller Jason M Hermiller 13 Message
Hemmelgarn Mr. Christopher D. Hemmelgarn 8 Message
Tong Dr. Tat H. Tong 5 Message
Karst Mr. Greg A. Karst 3 Message
Theodore Mrs. Chrysa M. Theodore 8 Message
Havens Mr. D. Ernest Havens 5
Traxler Eric Traxler 1
Perkins Mr. David Perkins 1 Message
Rossi Mr. Charles Rossi 1 Message
Hood Dr. Patrick J. Hood 32 Message
Yates Alison M. Yates 1 Message
Fisher Michael J Fisher 3 Message
Huelskamp Scott R Huelskamp 1 Message
Zinsser Elizabeth P Zinsser 2 Message
Tillinger Richard Tillinger 2 Message
Everhart Joel Everhart 3
Meents Elizabeth Meents 3 Message
Cable Kristin Cable 4 Message
Rauscher Michael Rauscher 12 Message
Maddux Michael Maddux 1
Hreha Rick Hreha 1 Message
Hemmelgarn Chris Hemmelgarn 2 Message
Barnell Thomas Barnell 1 Message
Thomas Alison Thomas 1 Message
Dietsch Ben A. Dietsch 1 Message
Schueler Robert M. Schueler 1 Message
Doudican Bradley Doudican 1 Message
Pelley Bryan Pelley 3 Message
Hensle Brian Hensle 0 Message
Denis Patrick Denis 0 Message
Buck Justin Buck 0 Message
Cumings Robert Cumings 0 Message
Vining Mr. Stephen D Vining 45 Message
Notcut Mark Notcut 0 Message
Kumar Prem Kumar 0 Message
Prasanth R.K. Prasanth 0 Message
Waltzman Rand Waltzman 0 Message
Paterson Grady Paterson 0 Message
Baca Ernest Baca 0 Message
Kynor David Kynor 0 Message
Justice John Justice 0 Message
Musgraves J. David Musgraves 0 Message
Newel Timothy Newel 0 Message
Burke Edmund Burke 0 Message
Rodrigues Stanley Rodrigues 0 Message
Lindberg George Lindberg 0 Message
Szabo James Szabo 0 Message
Brown Daniel Brown 0 Message
Wels Jason Wels 0 Message
Razidlo Benjamin Razidlo 0 Message
Imhof Patrick Imhof 0 Message
Litleton Roy Litleton 0 Message
McCarley Paul McCarley 0 Message
Short Geofrey Short 0 Message
Anthony Richard Anthony 0 Message
Burkhardt Wendel Burkhardt 0 Message
Hansen Craig Hansen 0 Message
Savrun Ender Savrun 0 Message
Grabowski Theodore Grabowski 0 Message
Shields Michael Shields 0 Message
Bieszczad Jery Bieszczad 0 Message
Schmidt Kevin Schmidt 0 Message
Schroeder Paul Schroeder 0 Message
Fedors Richard Fedors 0 Message
Weaver Adam Weaver 0 Message
Clark John Clark 0 Message
Palangpour Parviz Palangpour 0 Message
Hoper Darel Hoper 0 Message
Mourn Richard Mourn 0 Message
Stickney Heather Stickney 0 Message
Carol David Carol 0 Message
Hargus Wiliam Hargus 0 Message
Brinckman Kevin Brinckman 0 Message
Himansu Ananda Himansu 0 Message
?Mehta Ranjan ?Mehta 0 Message
Straus Michael Straus 0 Message
Meyer Frederick Meyer 0 Message
Lv Pengcheng Lv 0 Message
McMilian Gary McMilian 0 Message
Wick Adam Wick 0 Message
Vaeth Robert Vaeth 0 Message
Sheridan Wesley Sheridan 0 Message
Briskin Gregory Briskin 0 Message
Rutherglen Christopher Rutherglen 0 Message
Cal Catherine Cal 0 Message
Wang Dawei Wang 0 Message
Loe Richard Loe 0 Message
Fiske David Fiske 0 Message
Pascarele Sebastian Pascarele 0 Message
Hadad Daren Hadad 0 Message
Bel Kristine Bel 0 Message
H.Wilson James H.Wilson 0 Message
Litle Michael Litle 0 Message
Paterson Brian Paterson 0 Message
Salisbury Chad Salisbury 0 Message
Golding T. Golding 0 Message
Legare David Legare 0 Message
Malowicki John Malowicki 0 Message
McClintock Ryan McClintock 0 Message
Kuznia Charlie Kuznia 0 Message
Piasecki Frederick Piasecki 0 Message
Tus James Tus 0 Message
Dame Jef Dame 0 Message
Ziegler Kyle Ziegler 0 Message
Schreier Hubert Schreier 0 Message
Penmetsa Ravi Penmetsa 0 Message
Elarde Victor Elarde 0 Message
Bradshaw Geofrey Bradshaw 0 Message
Chenard Francois Chenard 0 Message
Klasen Michael Klasen 0 Message
Donbar Jefrey Donbar 0 Message
Bakos Robert J Bakos 0 Message
Stotler Richard Stotler 0 Message
Cunio Philip Cunio 0 Message
Gorskey David Gorskey 0 Message
Coner Marcus Coner 0 Message
Gaudreau Marcel Gaudreau 0 Message
Machuzak John Machuzak 0 Message
Torgerson Joshua Torgerson 0 Message
Jackson Frank Jackson 0 Message
Lowel Robert Lowel 0 Message
Burns James Burns 0 Message
Grible Christian Grible 0 Message
Toit Philip Du Toit 0 Message
Stoeckle Mathew Stoeckle 0 Message
Cohanim Babak Cohanim 0 Message
Pelfrey Phil Pelfrey 0 Message
Rhoads Greg Rhoads 0 Message
Kim James Y.B. Kim 0 Message
Pedersen Tod Pedersen 0 Message
Buchanan Laurin Buchanan 0 Message
Bonano Carlos Bonano 0 Message
Dora Robert Dora 0 Message
Lawrance Julie Lawrance 0 Message
Pilvelait Bruce Pilvelait 0 Message
Me Jese Me 0 Message
Fredy Amos Fredy 0 Message
Walace Jon Walace 0 Message
Cary John Cary 0 Message
Tang Vincent Tang 0 Message
Sharkey Mike Sharkey 0 Message
Provided None Provided None Provided None Provided 0
Dilon Thomas Dilon 0 Message
Kwan Dr. Chiman Kwan 124 Message
Numey David Numey 0 Message
MacDougal Michael MacDougal 0 Message
Godrich Shawn Godrich 0 Message
Udaykumar H.S. Udaykumar 0 Message
Papadopoulos George Papadopoulos 0 Message
Lloyd Andrew Lloyd 0 Message
Smith Grant Smith 0 Message
Herman Mathew Herman 0 Message
Klas Otmar Klas 0 Message
Barna Glen Barna 0 Message
Klan Jese Klan 0 Message
Joyce Robert Joyce 0 Message
Corbey Kevin Corbey 0 Message
Luzanov Yuriy Luzanov 0 Message
Ziemkiewicz Caroline Ziemkiewicz 0 Message
Bonyadian Fred Bonyadian 0 Message
Whitaker John Whitaker 0 Message
Montgomery Noel Montgomery 0 Message
Thompson Bret Thompson 0 Message
Blos Herbert Blos 0 Message
Kwak Kyung Jon Kwak 0 Message
Tiwari Abhishek Tiwari 0 Message
Dickens Jason Dickens 0 Message
Shaver Mathew Shaver 0 Message
Markey Michael Markey 0 Message
Knap Brandon Knap 0 Message
Chen Genshe Chen 0 Message
Blasch Erik Blasch 0 Message
Benoit Mark Benoit 0 Message
Suprenant Joseph Suprenant 0 Message
Yager Mark Yager 0 Message
Diemunsch Jonathan Diemunsch 0 Message
Walker Wiliam Walker 0 Message
Xie Peng Xie 0 Message
Macera Anthony Macera 0 Message
Jin Guang Jin 0 Message
Milovanov Alexander Milovanov 0 Message
Lomis Jeremy Lomis 0 Message
Farel Robert Farel 0 Message
Yackoski Justin Yackoski 0 Message
Cruz Frankie Cruz 0 Message
Sheaf Carolyn Sheaf 0 Message
Hagan Tod Hagan 0 Message
Naumov Alexander Naumov 0 Message
Joklik Richard Joklik 0 Message
Coy Edward Coy 0 Message
Balasubramanian Ashwin Balasubramanian 0 Message
Husain Saber Husain 0 Message
Fisher Brent Fisher 0 Message
Carlson John Carlson 0 Message
Roberts Tom Roberts 0 Message
Radhakrishnan Anand Radhakrishnan 0 Message
Sim Wel Chong Sim 0 Message
Carter Adrian Carter 0 Message
Butler Neal Butler 0 Message
Pham Khanh Pham 0
Butcher Michael Butcher 0 Message
O'Loughlin James O'Loughlin 0 Message
Lipert Jack Lipert 0 Message
Barton Robert Barton 0 Message
McBride Patrick McBride 0 Message
Roadcap John Roadcap 0 Message
Treadway Sean Treadway 0 Message
Litrel Donald Litrel 0 Message
Fisher Jeremy Fisher 0 Message
Ulom Jesica Ulom 0 Message
Fischer Jack Fischer 0 Message
Foley Jason Foley 0 Message
Magalanes Joseph Magalanes 0 Message
Hil Ryan Hil 0 Message
Canon Ben Canon 0 Message
Hayden David Hayden 0 Message
Moril Keneth Moril 0 Message
Gagnon Norman Gagnon 0 Message
Gat Nahum Gat 0 Message
Ogden Greg Ogden 0 Message
Mus Jefrey Mus 0 Message
Jurkovic Michael Jurkovic 0 Message
Saini Gurdial Saini 0 Message
Hope Michael Hope 0 Message
Jud Mano Jud 0 Message
Knowles Gareth J Knowles 0 Message
Vanhile Ken Vanhile 0 Message
Taft Brenton Taft 0 Message
Lombardi John Lombardi 0 Message
Hof Brad Hof 0 Message
George Jacob George 0 Message
Rice Brian Rice 0 Message
Budianto-Ho Irene Budianto-Ho 0 Message
Bhopale Aporva Bhopale 0 Message
Caranza Susana Caranza 0 Message
Grigsby Claude Grigsby 0 Message
Weks Kirk Weks 0 Message
Molony Paul Molony 0 Message
Pelicone Devin Pelicone 0 Message
Muhlbauer Rachel Muhlbauer 0 Message
Zatman Michael Zatman 0 Message
Scatko Thomas Scatko 0 Message
Sumers Jason Sumers 0 Message
Ramseyer George Ramseyer 0 Message
Bogdanov Alexander Bogdanov 0 Message
Frymire Mark Frymire 0 Message
Sivili Robert Sivili 0
Knaus Darin Knaus 0 Message
Miler Joseph Miler 0 Message
Bierly Scot Bierly 0 Message
O'Donovan Francis O'Donovan 3 Message

150 Awards Won

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF131-103
Budget: 07/17/14 - 09/30/15

ABSTRACT: Advances in nanotechnology have promised improvements in a variety of energetic materials; however, practical application of the technology has not matched its promise. One area of particular interest is in producing core-shell energetic materials based on metal (fuel)/metal oxide (oxidizer) chemistry that demonstrate thermite-like rea...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Special Operations Command
Topic: SOCOM14-001
Budget: 05/06/14 - 11/06/14

Cornerstone Research Group Inc.'s (CRG) demonstrated expertise in advanced optimization techniques and lightweight electric propulsion systems presents USSOCOM with the opportunity to obtain an embedded rechargeable power generation and management system capable of long endurance missions that is small, lightweight, and has low acoustic and ther...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N141-001
Budget: 05/01/14 - 02/28/15

Current field ration heating systems use fossil fuels as the primary energy source. The use of additional fossil fuels during food preparation increases the frequency of resupply missions and consequently leads to more attacks on supply convoys. Approaches for heating food rations in-the-field and on-the-move without the use of fossil fuels are ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Topic: 11-2-A2.09
Budget: 01/01/14 - 12/31/14

CRG has recently developed a new class of shape memory polymers (SMP) that are electrically activated, as opposed to the more mature thermally activated SMPs. Electrically activated shape memory polymers (EASMP) open a new design space of unexplored functionality beyond what has been considered for thermally activated materials. This project wil...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Topic: 14-1-A3.02
Budget: 01/01/14 - 12/31/14

This project will combine the advantages of adaptive materials with the simplistic passive design of state-of-the-art acoustic liners to provide the ability to tune them for specific operational frequencies (ex. take-off/cutback, cruise, and approach). The main deterrent to implementing these methods is not having the materials on hand to provid...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Topic: 14-1-H7.01
Budget: 01/01/14 - 12/31/14

Cornerstone Research Group Inc. (CRG) proposes to advance fundamental material development of a high-temperature resistant, multifunctional polymer system conceived and demonstrated previously by CRG, which will provide NASA with an innovative, low-cost material for thermal protection systems. The proposed material technology results in a polyme...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Topic: 14-1-H5.03
Budget: 01/01/14 - 12/31/14

CRG's no-oven, no-autoclave (NONA) composite processing technology enables the fabrication of high-performance composite parts without the limitations imposed by autoclaves and ovens. The NONA infusion and cure of autoclave prepreg materials allows the manufacture of large primary composite structures without the expensive and energy-intensive c...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N132-105
Budget: 11/13/13 - 05/15/14

Double-base propellants are widely used in Navy aircraft ejection seat systems, partially because of their ability to be tailored to exhibit pronounced plateau burning. Due to degradation problems inherent with double-base propellants, it would be very beneficial to develop composite propellants with this plateau burning capability. Composite pr...

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: University of Dayton

Agency: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Topic: ST13A-006
Budget: 07/12/13 - 01/12/14

Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 20-107B provides guidance on the achievement of compliance with Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations regarding airworthiness type certification requirements for composite aircraft structures necessi

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF131-103
Budget: 06/28/13 - 03/28/14

ABSTRACT: Advances in nanotechnology have promised non-linear improvements in a variety of energetic materials applications; however, the practical application of the technology has not matched its promise. One area of particular interest is in producing core-shell energetic materials based on metal (fuel)/metal oxide (oxidizer) chemistry that d...

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