Optoelectronic Data Systems, Inc.

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SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 4
Total Value of Awards $231K
First Award Date 03/09/93
Most Recent Award Date 07/14/94

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Jared David Jared 1
Weverka Robert T. Weverka 3

4 Awards Won

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF94-038
Budget: 07/14/94 - 01/14/95

The holographic Bragg cell is a new type of Bragg cell which eliminates the bandwidth-aperture time trade off of acousto-optic cells. The holographic Bragg cell can have bandwidths in excess of 20 GHz, and an aperture time as long as 75 microseconds. The holographic Bragg cell will be used in signal processing as a replacement for acousto-opti...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Missile Defense Agency
Topic: BMDO94-011
Budget: 01/01/94 - 12/31/94

The Stationary Optical Disk Drive (SODD) is a new means of addressing high density optical disks with solid state scanners. The system will have random access times 100 times faster than current optical and magnetic disks, and high data transfer rates for the most demanding applications. The use of removable media keeps the cost per megabyte l...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Missile Defense Agency
Topic: SDIO93-011
Budget: 07/01/93 - 01/01/94

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A92-063
Budget: 03/09/93 - 09/15/93