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SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 864
Total Value of Awards $224MM
First Award Date 01/01/87
Most Recent Award Date 05/03/17

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Xiang Dr. Dan Xiang 22 Message
Xu Mr. Roger Xu 23 Message
Chen Dr. Genshe Chen 10
Azimi-Sadjadi Dr. Babak Azimi-Sadjadi 16 Message
Zhao Dr. George Zhao 19 Message
Qiao Dr. Jinglu Qiao 1
Davydov Dr. Alex Davydov 2
Li Dr. Jason Li 7 Message
Chen Dr. Wei Chen 8 Message
Levy Dr. Renato Levy 22 Message
Jung Dr. Sung Jung 2 Message
Deng Julia Deng 16 Message
Tang Dr. Kaizhi Tang 14 Message
Hayne Dr. Jacqueline Hayne 1 Message
Li Dr. Hongjun Li 6 Message
Lv Dr. Pencheng Lv 2
Ranjan Priya Ranjan 6
Lin Dr. Chujen Lin 31 Message
Doorn Dr. Eric van Doorn 35 Message
Ramezani Dr. Vahid Ramezani 2
Davydov Dr. Alexander Davydov 1
Patankar Dr. Ravi Patankar 1 Message
Lyell Dr. Margaret Lyell 16
Manikonda Dr. Vikram Manikonda 15 Message
Zhu Dr. Xianyang Zhu 2 Message
Zhang Dr. Yan Zhang 1 Message
Patankar Dr. Ravindra Patankar 1 Message
Zhang Dr. Xiaodong Zhang 4 Message
Haynes Dr. Jaqueline Haynes 23 Message
Zhang Dr. Frank Zhang 2 Message
Goetz Dr. Philip Goetz 2 Message
Satapathy Dr. Goutam Satapathy 10 Message
Peng Dr. Wilbur Peng 8 Message
Myers Dr. Donald Myers 8 Message
Myers Mr. Don Myers 3 Message
Geotz Dr. Philip Geotz 1 Message
Breslau Dr. Gary Breslau 1
Toplin Mr. Marc B. Toplin 34 Message
Evaldsson Dr. Patrik Evaldsson 3
Erol Kutluhan Erol 5 Message
Geng Zheng Geng PhD 3
Geng Z. Jason Geng 1
Cai Jianghong Cai 1
Cai Jianhong Cai 4
Wheeler Charles Wheeler 1
Kohout Robert Kohout 2 Message
Li Binghui Li 1
Li Dr. Binghal Li 1
Erol Dr. Kutluban Erol 1
Iseman Joseph Iseman 1
Jiang Dr. Shijun Jiang 1
Wheeler Chuck Wheeler 1
Narayanan Dr. Ram M. Narayanan 5 Message
Taylor Geoff Taylor 3 Message
Lv Dr. Pengcheng Lv 2
Schwartz Joseph E. Schwartz 22 Message
Bachrach Dr. Benjamin Bachrach 5 Message
Kharin Dr. Nikolay Kharin 2
Li Dr. Xiaokun Li 1
Ren Dr. Yu-Jiun Ren 4
Ratsimor Olga Ratsimor 4
Xie Peng Xie 11 Message
Guven Tuna Guven 4
Pokorny Dr. Bob Pokorny 7 Message
Luo Song Luo 4 Message
Rangaswamy Sendil Rangaswamy 8
Nicholas Wendy Nicholas 6
Lai Chieh-Ping Lai 1
Bhat Arvind Bhat 14 Message
Tolani Devendra Tolani 26 Message
Judkins Timothy Judkins 4 Message
Zhao Grorge Zhao 1 Message
Cheng Yi Cheng 6 Message
Yackoski Justin Yackoski 17 Message
Liu Xiong Liu 8 Message
Kwak Kyung Kwak 6 Message
Roger X. Roger 1 Message
Gao Pan Gao 1 Message
Abeles Peter Abeles 1 Message
Lee Mun Wai Lee 4 Message
Savas Onur Savas 7 Message
Zhao Xiaoliang Zhao 3 Message
Zhang Guangfan Zhang 5 Message
Leddo John Leddo 1
Li Fang Li 1
Endo Yoichiro Endo 2 Message
Sagduyu Yalin Sagduyu 12 Message
Jiang Tao Jiang 2
Nanda Jyotirmaya Nanda 3 Message
Deng Hongmei Deng 4 Message
Judkins Tim Judkins 1 Message
Clark Michael Clark 1 Message
Handelman David Handelman 9 Message
Grushin Alexander Grushin 2 Message
Chen Peter Chen 6 Message
Bachrack Benjamin Bachrack 1
Lin Yanqing Lin 3 Message
Haynes Dr. Haynes 1
Myers Dr. Myers 1 Message
Haynes Dr. Haynes 1
Myers Dr. Myers 1 Message
Goetz Phillip Goetz 1 Message
Toplin arc B. Toplin 2 Message
Toplin Mr. Toplin 1 Message
Toplin Mr. Toplin 1 Message
Zhang Xiaodo Zhang 1 Message
Myers Dr. Myers 1 Message
Toplin Mr. B. Toplin 1 Message
Santos Michel Santos 2 Message
Bredfeldt Christine Bredfeldt 1 Message
Wieland Frederick Wieland 10 Message
Zeng Hui Zeng 6 Message
Namazi Ali Namazi 2 Message
Haynes Dr. Leonard Haynes 100 Message
Beltz Shannon Beltz 3
Mayhew Mayhew 1 Message
Mayhew Mayhew 1 Message
Mayhew Shannon Mayhew 3 Message
Sun Kun Sun 1 Message
Clark Evan Clark 2 Message
Shi Yi Shi 3 Message
Soltani Sohraab Soltani 4 Message
Kumar Vivek Kumar 1 Message
Pokorny Robert Pokorny 1 Message
Lonske Benjamin Lonske 1 Message
Xu Feng Xu 2 Message
Bergamo Marcos Bergamo 4 Message
Evancich Nicholas Evancich 2 Message
Jensen Eric Jensen 3 Message
Nigam Nikhil Nigam 3 Message
Tyagi Ankit Tyagi 3 Message
Soltani Sohraab Soltani 1 Message
Ponnaluri Satya Ponnaluri 4 Message
Holt Lisa Holt 3 Message
Doorn Eric v Doorn 1 Message
Ding Lei Ding 5 Message
James Mr. Mark James 209 Message
Kwan Dr. Chiman Kwan 124 Message
Stanic Sava Stanic 1 Message
Franken Gordon Franken 1 Message
AzimiSadjadi Babak AzimiSadjadi 1 Message
LeBlanc Rich LeBlanc 1 Message
Hue Yik-Kiong Hue 1 Message
Briskin Gregory Briskin 2 Message
Knap Brandon Knap 1 Message
Jin Guang Jin 1 Message
Lee Mun Lee 1 Message
Lai Eva Lai 1 Message
Mayhew David Mayhew 1 Message
Bachrach Benjamin Bachrach Benjamin Bachrach Benjamin Bachrach 1 Message
Bergman David Robert Bergman 1 Message
Berkowitz Phillip Berkowitz 1 Message
Henderson Andrew Henderson 1 Message
Qi Dr. Kevin Qi 2 Message
Liu Chunlei Liu 1 Message
Lee Mu Wai Lee 1 Message

864 Awards Won

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Homeland Security
Topic: H-SB017.1-001
Budget: 05/03/17 - 11/02/17

Border Patrol Agents (BPAs) face multiple challenges when pursuing adversaries in difficult terrains. Intelligent Automation Inc. (IAI) proposes to develop a novel target tracking and recognition system using a small UAV. Named "Dismounted Adversary Recognition and Tracking System" (DARTS), the UAV will have an advanced sensing, video processi...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 03b
Budget: 02/21/17 - 11/20/17
PI: Lei Ding

Software protection and its associated tools can be regarded as a first line of defense for run-time integrity in an HPC system, but cannot be easily extended to provide security solution beyond the software level. Hence, it is also essential to build a system- wide security analysis tool to assess the entire HPC system’s security. By revealing ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Defense
Topic: DLA162-003
Budget: 11/30/16 - 11/29/18

DLA Disposition Services is responsible for the disposal of excess DOD personal property, foreign excess personal property, scrap, hazardous waste, and property requiring demilitarization. DLA Disposition Services also offers reutilization and public sales to military, federal, state and local agencies, non-profit agencies, and US taxpayers thro...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Defense
Topic: SB162-008
Budget: 10/25/16 - 07/25/17
PI: Yi Shi

Tactical networks need to support high data rate communications, situational awareness and connectivity over long distances possibly between disaggregated groups of communications nodes, e.g., in airborne networks. Therefore, it is essential to design a coherent communication solution to achieve high power gain and improve signal quality at rece...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Transportation
Topic: 14.2-FM1
Budget: 09/29/16 - 09/28/18

Fatigue and distraction are among the major risk factors associated with Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) crashes. For this effort, Intelligent Automation, Inc. (IAI) team proposes to develop an innovative solution called Multi-Modal Driver Distraction and Fatigue Detection/Warning System (MDF). MDF consists of four major modules: (1) Driver behav...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N132-144
Budget: 09/22/16 - 03/30/18

Diagnosing complex problems with critical submarine equipment like the Electrostatically Supported Gyro Navigator (ESGN) Stable Platform and Housing (SP&H) is difficult. Vast quantity of information is available (from Field Engineer Information Management System FEIMS and Level II Manuals) that can be mined and smart diagnostics, prognostics and...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Budget: 09/19/16 - 06/18/17
PI: Lisa Holt

IAI, with our partner NTI, proposes to develop the MIND CAP system ? Monitoring cognitive Impairment and Dysfunction in Cancer Patients. We will employ a quantitative approach to select existing cognitive tests from the clinical literature that are sensitive enough to detect cognitive decrements in the domains most relevant to the breast cancer ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A16-034
Budget: 09/09/16 - 03/08/17

Wireless connectivity and situational awareness of warfighters are critical in current and future warfare. Maintaining network connectivity and achieving situational awareness require continuous exchange of information across the network, which eventually drives the need for reliable, high data rate communication links. The task of providing hig...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N162-095
Budget: 09/07/16 - 03/09/17

IAI and its collaborators (the team) propose to develop REASSESS, a tool for repair assessment and remaining useful life analysis of rotorcraft dynamic components. The tool leverages a proven method for capturing and measuring multi-axial stresses in a component and combines it with a novel technique to conduct frequency domain finite element an...

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: The University of Memphis

Agency: Army
Topic: A16A-T007
Budget: 08/16/16 - 02/14/17

Wireless communication systems are critical components of Department of Defense (DoD) information operations, such as tactical mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and control of unmanned vehicles. These systems must offer trusted and reliable mission-oriented information exchange over the air in contested, congested, and adversary battlefield scenar...

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