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SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 276
Total Value of Awards $89.3MM
First Award Date 01/01/94
Most Recent Award Date 07/31/17

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Shasharina Dr. Sveta Shasharina 1 Message
Cary Dr. John R Cary 68 Message
Peter Messmer Peter 1
Shasharina Svetlana G. Shasharina 24 Message
Nelson Laurence J. Nelson 151 Message
Galloy Michael Galloy 3 Message
Rosczyk Leslie Rosczyk 21 Message
Granger Brian E. Granger 1 Message
Karipides Daniel Karipides 2 Message
Alexander David A. Alexander 17 Message
Choi Yongjun Choi 3 Message
Fillmore David W. Fillmore 5 Message
Mahalingam Sudhakar Mahalingam 3 Message
Muszala Stefan Muszala 1 Message
Mullowney Paul J. Mullowney 3 Message
Likhanskii Alexandre Likhanskii 2 Message
Likhanskii Alexander Likhanskii 1 Message
Ahrens Cory Ahrens 2
Shasharin Dr. Svetlana G. Shasharin 3
Stoltz Dr. Peter Stoltz 17 Message
Dimitrov Dimitre A. Dimitrov 15 Message
Abell Dan T. Abell 8 Message
Carlsson Johan Carlsson 6 Message
Nieter Dr. Chet Nieter 9 Message
Nelson Laruence D. Nelson 5 Message
Messmer Peter Messmer 7
Wang Dr. Nanbor Wang 10 Message
Volberg Ovsei Volberg 1 Message
Cary Laurence D. Cary 5 Message
Smithe David N. Smithe 13 Message
Wang Wen-Lan Wang 1 Message
Dechow Doug R. Dechow 1 Message
D. M.r. Nelson Laurence D. M.r. Nelson 1 Message
Schoessow Paul V. Schoessow 1 Message
Hakim Ammar H. Hakim 3
Doxas Isidoros Doxas 2 Message
Vadlamani Srinath Vadlamani 1 Message
Li Chuang Li 2 Message
Veitzer Seth A. Veitzer 7 Message
Dechow Douglas R. Dechow 2 Message
Hamill Paul Hamill 1 Message
Paul Kevin Paul 6 Message
Ranjbar Vahid Ranjbar 3 Message
Pletzer Alex Pletzer 2 Message
Green Mark L. Green 6 Message
Zhou Chuandong Zhou 2 Message
Loverich John Loverich 6 Message
Pletzer Alexander Pletzer 5 Message
Cowan Benjamin Cowan 5 Message
Pogorelov Ilya Pogorelov 6 Message
Lin Ming-Chieh Lin 2 Message
Austin Travis Austin 5 Message
Jenkins Thomas Jenkins 4 Message
Meiser Dominic Meiser 4 Message
Bruhwiler Dr. David Bruhwiler 56 Message
Abell Dan Abell 1 Message
Kruger Scott Kruger 1 Message
Kundrapu Madhusudhan Kundrapu 2 Message
Sides Scott Sides 1 Message
Beckwith Kristian Beckwith 1 Message
Averkin Sergey Averkin 1 Message

276 Awards Won

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 21c
Budget: 07/31/17 - 07/30/19

Particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation has now become a commonplace tool for simulating plasma ki- netics, but there are constraints on its effectiveness – timesteps must be small to avoid numerical instabilities, and the number of particles required to reduce statistical noise to acceptable levels may be computationally prohibitive. In plasmas with ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 23b
Budget: 07/31/17 - 07/30/19

Fundamental understanding of the processes which govern the formation of nanoparticles is required to design industrial-scale automated mass production units. Detailed characterization of the plasma in nanoparticle growth regions enables identification of the parameters influencing the formation of nanoparticles in plasmas. However, since it is ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 22b
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

High-fidelity computational simulations are beginning to provide predictive analysis capabilities for the design and performance assessment of nuclear reactor components and fuel assemblies as part of the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA). The multiphysics and multiscale integration needed to achieve these capabilities also gen...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 29c
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

A recent experiment at the DIII-D tokamak has pioneered an innovative and potentially critical actuator for burning plasmas: helicon wave current drive. Steady-state profile maintenance in future burning plasma experiments will require efficient and economically viable sources of off-axis current drive. Promising indications that helicon current...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 20b
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Nano materials have a wide range of applications, ranging from drug delivery in medical applications to new composite materials in aerospace applications. Experimental data on nanoparticle growth exists, but numerical simulations are needed to understand the underlying physical mechanisms and to enable better prediction of nanomaterial productio...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 04b
Budget: 04/10/17 - 04/09/19

Improving ion source reliability and performance is a top priority at the Spallation Neutron Source. Innovative, high-performance modeling of plasma bombardment in radio frequency (RF) devices will enable researchers to optimize ion source antenna design, improving performance, reliability, and cost effectiveness for neutron scattering experiments.

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 02a
Budget: 02/21/17 - 11/20/17

The Department of Energy has supported an extensive program in modeling and simulation, which has enriched scientific discovery and advanced scientific use of High Performance Computing. Due to the fact that many potential users do not have access to high performance resources and that codes are not easy to use, these advances have been underuti...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 13a
Budget: 02/21/17 - 11/20/17

High performance computing (HPC) is a technology that plays a key role in materials science, climate research, astrophysics, and others. Numerical simulations can provide unique insight to physical phenomena that cannot be easily gleaned by other means. Numerical simulations complement experimental observations, help in validating models, and ad...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 21
Budget: 06/13/16 - 03/12/17

Statement of the problem or situation that is being addressed Magnetic fusion experiments, which aim to dependably and reliably produce electric power by confining superheated plasma in magnetic fields, are subject to a host of complex kinetic physical processes which influence the stability and power production of the plasma discharge. Analogou...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 24
Budget: 06/13/16 - 03/12/17

DoE researchers are presently designing higher current electron sources for energy and environmental applications, among others. Computer modeling is an important part of this design process, but presently researchers cannot use important tools, like particle-in-cell and particle tracking tools or like time domain and frequency domain tools, eas...

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