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23 Awards Won

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: Cornell University

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF11-BT08
Budget: 03/15/12 - 11/14/12

ABSTRACT: Multidimensional simulation of plasmas will be critical to the design of high voltage and high energy density devices over coming decades. Individual fluid simulation codes are presently limited to one or perhaps two of three plasma models: the higher densities and longer time scales of magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), the lower densities ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF103-014
Budget: 01/13/11 - 01/16/12

Narrowband high-power microwave sources are under development for possible military applications. Defeating improvised explosive devices (anti-IED) and non-lethal anti-personnel effects are both of interest. The possible success of meeting the requirements of these applications can be increased by combining, in a coherent manner, the output of...

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: University of Michigan

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF09-BT14
Budget: 03/08/10 - 12/08/10

Nonlinear transmission lines offer new vistas in the generation of high power microwave wave (HPM) signals. All electromagnetic sources use an active medium to convert electrical energy to high frequency waves and ultra-wide band signals that can perform useful work. Traditional methods rely on electron beams for the active medium. Nonlinear ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 68 C-2010
Budget: 01/01/10 - 12/31/10

NumerEx has developed, implemented, and applied a two-dimensional (2-d) magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) simulation model of liner compression of field reversed configurations (FRCs) based on MACH2. The model, including FRC formation, translation, capture, and liner compression, incorporates both an imploding deformable liner and the FRC, and is prese...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N091-081
Budget: 05/18/09 - 03/18/10

Electron beam optics codes are presently used in the design of vacuum electron devices. The goal in using codes of this type, such as MICHELLE, is to produce a sufficiently accurate design of a device that the manufacturer can build the tube based exclusively on that design. Devices with high-brightness electron beams involve non-ideal physical ...

Phase 2 STTR

Institution: University of Southern California

Agency: Navy
Topic: N07-T033
Budget: 03/23/09 - 09/15/10

NumerEx proposes to collaborate with the University of Southern California (USC) to support the advanced concepts, basic science, and engineering of high repetition rate multiple barrels pulse detonation engine (PDE) technology. NumerEx will support experimental developments at both USC and the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), and will provide a...

Phase 2 STTR

Institution: University of California Los Angeles

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF07-T022
Budget: 12/29/08 - 12/29/10

NumerEx/UCLA propose advanced theoretical and computational research in the application of the renormalization group (RG) to speed the development of advanced methods to simulate dense plasmas exhibiting critical kinetic phenomena. These dense plasmas combine a wealth of length and time scales by virtue of their high plasma frequencies and shor...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF081-049
Budget: 03/28/08 - 12/28/08

In the interest of promoting precision strike and persistent area dominance, both key factors in the Global War on Terror, there is a need to develop novel means to control the explosive yield of compact munitions. We propose to develop state-of-the-art computational tools to model, design, and deploy advanced initiation technology to control t...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF073-005
Budget: 01/18/08 - 01/22/09

Nonlinear transmission lines (NLTL) offer a novel technology for compact and robust sources of RF energy. By combining advanced material characterization capability and state-of-the-art electromagnetic and parametric modeling, NumerEx and General Electric Global Research will improve the understanding of NLTL, providing design tools for NLTL ba...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 2008
Budget: 01/01/08 - 12/31/08

The understanding of high-energy-density states is essential to the achievement of inertial fusion energy. Over the next three to five years, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the U. S. Air Force Research Laboratory will attempt to use an imploding solid liner to achieve magnetic fields more than a million times that of the Earth and plasma pre...

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