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SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 49
Total Value of Awards $12.1MM
First Award Date 01/01/89
Most Recent Award Date 09/21/15

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Zari Mr. Michael Zari 2 Message
Paxton Mr. James P. Paxton 4 Message
O'Hara David B. O'Hara 4
Phillips Ron J. Phillips 1
Henderson T.G. "Bo" Henderson 5
Wood C. K. Wood 1
Hickey Dr. Mike Hickey 1
Sheehy James J. Sheehy Jr. 3
Mcswain John M. Mcswain 2
Mcswain J.m. Mcswain 2
Sims Joe Sims 2 Message
Price Dr. Melvin L. Price 13 Message
Henderson Theron Henderson 1
Espy Samuel Espy 2
Barbour Mr. Blair A. Barbour 19 Message

49 Awards Won

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A14-089
Budget: 09/21/15 - 03/20/16

The U.S. Army seeks to advance the state-of-the-art in geospatial terrain capture by encouraging development of high-definition 3D/4D imaging systems that are passive and low SWaP. The imaging systems are needed to support ground persistent ISR in austere environments, where power consumption must be minimized and likelihood of detection must be...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF131-177
Budget: 12/12/13 - 09/12/14

ABSTRACT: The U.S. Air Force seeks to advance the state-of-the-art in angle-of-incidence (AOI) sensing. A key motivation is that the lethality of certain weapon systems used against certain targets is often strongly influenced by AOI at a favorable aim point. Weapon systems that can most benefit from AOI sensing include directed energy weapons a...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF103-136
Budget: 01/19/11 - 10/19/11

The company proposes to offer a sensor-software solution to advance the Air Force goal of robust, long-term identity, tracking and behavior awareness by using patented Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) technology. With the capabilities of this technology, it will be possible to simultaneously obtain visible/ IR, 3D and polarization signatures from a ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF083-172
Budget: 04/22/10 - 07/23/12

Humans may visibly reveal their disposition or intent through body actions. Recognizing these body activities often is key to determining human intent. Human activities involve 3D bodies in a 3D environment, current imaging technologies try to recognize body activities from their 2D projections. Photon-X uses proprietary spatial phase imaging ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF083-172
Budget: 01/07/09 - 10/31/09

The Air Force is seeking a means of using multiple types of sensors (EO, IR, RF) on multiple platforms to perform layered sensing of a large region. The sensors will combine their outputs including feature extraction/data representation through a shared GIS system. The multi-sensor, co-registered data will result in improved situational aw...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N07-174
Budget: 01/09/08 - 07/09/08

Photon-X is pleased to propose the next generation of corrosion detection devices to assist the Navy achieve its goal of reducing the impact of corrosion of aircraft maintenance cost. Our technology is an innovative integration of Spatial Phase Imaging (SPI) applied to both high-resolution video imaging and Terahertz (THz) imaging that captures ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF06-223
Budget: 07/17/07 - 11/30/09

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) is seeking the capability to identify dismounts/individuals and track dismounts and groups in an around areas and facilities of interest. Photon-X is proposing a 3D imaging system that works at a variable range of distances in real time and provides photographic quality volumetric images and can be applie...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF05-267
Budget: 08/14/06 - 08/14/08

Those responsible for maintaining the operational status of the aircraft of the United States Air Force face many difficult challenges in completing their mission. With an ever aging, and yet, ever more valuable inventory of older aircraft, the maintenance depots assigned their upkeep and readiness continually work to maximize flight time and m...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF06-223
Budget: 05/05/06 - 02/05/07

Photon-X has developed a novel spatial phase technology that can passively and automatically extract 3-D feature information from a targeted scene in real-time using a single aperture visible or IR camera system. Photon-X will demonstrate the additional benefit derived from this system when combined with legacy sensor systems to create a compreh...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Topic: 06-1
Budget: 01/01/06 - 12/31/06

Photon-X has developed a proprietary EO spatial phase technology that can passively collect 3-D images in real-time using a single camera-based system. This technique provides the capability to sense and understand objects and features within a range of distances from low atmospheric altitudes to space. Feedback from the camera allows the Photon...

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