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Waltham, MA 02451
430 Employees

SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 968
Total Value of Awards $222MM
First Award Date 01/01/83
Most Recent Award Date 06/01/05

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Dr. Jr. 1 Message
Dr. Jr. 1 Message
Campbell Mr. Thomas Campbell 29 Message
Roy Mr. Ronald Roy 18 Message
Temchenko Ms. Marina Temchenko 4 Message
Gold Dr. Harris Gold 31 Message
Weling Dr. Aniruddha Weling 4 Message
Kovar Dr. Robert Kovar 50 Message
Nair Dr. Bindu Nair 4 Message
Chadha Dr. Suneet Chadha 10 Message
Meglan Dr. Dwight Meglan 1 Message
Warren Dr. Peter Warren 23 Message
Athanassiu Mr. Christos Athanassiu 1 Message
Kashalikar Mr. Uday Kashalikar 41 Message
Farrell Mr. Brian Farrell 14 Message
Schmidt Mr. Mads Schmidt 1 Message
Gilman Dr. Vladimir Gilman 4 Message
Hill Dr. Wayne Hill 10 Message
Farinella Mr. Michael Farinella 3 Message
Henning Dr. Patrick Henning 6 Message
Potter Dr. Steven Potter 3 Message
Orbey Dr. Nese Orbey 8 Message
Chen Dr. Stephen Chen 4 Message
Gannon Dr. John Gannon 1 Message
Teverovsky Ms. Justyna Teverovsky 8 Message
Tiano Mr. Thomas Tiano 5 Message
Ofer Dr. David Ofer 6 Message
Guilmanov Dr. Vladimir Guilmanov 7 Message
Arata Dr. Jonathan Arata 4 Message
Rozenoyer Mr. Boris Rozenoyer 2 Message
Cardenas Mr. Robert Lee Cardenas 11 Message
Fox Mr. Derek Fox 5 Message
Mangolds Mr. Arnis Mangolds 28 Message
Roylance Dr. Margaret Roylance 19 Message
Kasturi Mr. Kash Kasturi 5 Message
Leary Mr. William Leary 5 Message
Walker Mr. David Walker 13 Message
Dorogy Dr. William Dorogy Jr. 10 Message
Dobson Mr. Ben Dobson 1 Message
McCormack Mr. Michael McCormack 1 Message
Landers Mr. Franklin Landers 1 Message
Posage Mr. William Posage 2 Message
Wilson Dr. Patricia Wilson 11 Message
Taylor Mr. Malcolm Taylor 1 Message
Westmark Ms. Carolyn Westmark 4 Message
Everson Dr. Jeffrey Everson 1 Message
Rosenberg Ms. Sara E. Rosenberg 5 Message
Mendum Mr. Thomas H.E. Mendum 3 Message
Jayaraj Dr. K. Jayaraj 21 Message
Haugsjaa Dr. Paul O. Haugsjaa 5 Message
Osenar Dr. Paul Osenar 4 Message
Blizard Dr. Kent G. Blizard 8
Guzdar Adi R. Guzdar 79 Message
Kirchner Ted Kirchner 14
Wiesman Dr. Richard M. Wiesman 10 Message
Mangold Mr. Arnis Mangold 1
Olander Mr. Ross R. Olander 34 Message
Williams Mr. John Williams 3 Message
Schroeder W E Schroeder 3
Domash Dr. Lawrenceh Domash 2
Haghighat R. Ross Haghighat 1
Evans David A. Evans 5
Lusignea Richard Lusignea 35
Demler Roger Demler 13
Rubin Leslie S Rubin 23 Message
Guiles Marvin Guiles 4
John J. Glassner SC.D. John J. Glassner 1
Fischbach Daniel Fischbach 5
Racich James L Racich 3
Lane Alan Lane 2
Hynek Scott Hynek 2
Jayaraj Dr. K Jayaraj 3
Hicks Dr. R. Edwin Hicks 2
Halecki John W Halecki 2
Druy Mark A Druy 26
McCoy John F McCoy 11
Czupryna Gary Czupryna 7
Harvey Andrew Harvey 12
Carey Charles Carey 3
Fisk Allan T. Fisk 2
Boyce J Boyce 2
Nelson Dr. Arthur R Nelson 8
Ounanian Douglas W Ounanian 2
Freitad Glenn A. Freitad 2
Woods Jack A. Woods 1
Domash Dr. Lawrence H. Domash 29
Stark Phillip Stark 2
Walton Tom Walton 2
Bullock Daniel E. Bullock 7
Boyce Joseph S. Boyce 8
Freitas Glenn Freitas 10
Khatri Subhash Khatri 3
Mark A. Druy Or. Mark A. Druy 2
Glatkowski Paul J. Glatkowski 1
Gassner John Gassner 9
Magee Constance Magee 4
Lovell Thomas Lovell 9 Message
Harris John J. Harris 1
Cope Dr. David B. Cope 9
Teverosky Justyna Teverosky 3
Oren Moshe Oren 7
Brentani Giampiero Brentani 4
Player John Player 4 Message
Hurley Dr. William J. Hurley Jr. 5
Karandikar Dr. Prashant G. Karandikar 8
Zukas Dr. Walter X. Zukas 4
Carter James Carter 4 Message
Guilmanov Dr. V. Guilmanov 1 Message
Weisman Dr. Richard Weisman 2
Sykes Robert C Sykes 3
Aponick Anthony A Aponick 2
Nappi Bruce Nappi 10
Berry D Randolph Berry 1
Haghighat Ross Haghighat 1
Avarbock Gerald Avarbock 1
Stark Dr. Philip Stark 5
Lennhoff Dr. John D Lennhoff 1
Torbin Robert N Torbin 1
Noll Thomas E. Noll 3
Kashailkar Uday Kashailkar 1
Chadha Dr. Sunet Chadha 1
Dickinson Dr. Larry Dickinson 1
Barck Bruce N. Barck 3
Zukes Dr. Walter X. Zukes 1
Formato Richard Formato 1
Orby Nese Orby 1
Dill Dr. James Dill 1
Eveson Jeffrey H. Eveson 1
Ting Joseph Ting 2
Hug Hans A Hug 2
Iver Ramakrishna Iver 1
Goldman Jeffery Goldman 1
Chambers Paul A Chambers 5
Carey Carles A Carey 2
Captain Khushroo Captain 2
Schroeder William E Schroeder 2
Smirlock Martin Smirlock 1
Walton Thomas Walton 2
Iyer Ramakrishna Iyer 4
Tuohy Deborah Tuohy 1
Tayebati Parviz Tayebati PhD 3
Schroeder W.E. Schroeder 1
Schroeder W. Schroeder 1
Gamble Bruce Gamble 1
Iyer Ramki Iyer 2
Jackson Arthur D. Jackson 2
Magee Connie Magee 1
Kovar Dr. Rober F. Kovar 1
None None 1
Jayaraj Dr. Jayaraj 1
Karandika Dr. Prashant G. Karandika 1
Felton Dr. Lawrence E. Felton 2
Kunkel Edward Kunkel 1
Behrle Stephen Behrle 1
Deguire Dan Deguire 2
Campbell Thoms Campbell 1
Ekstein Dr. C.J. Ekstein 1
Felton Dr. Larry Felton 1
Gertler Ms. Judith Gertler 7 Message
Roylance` Dr. Margaret Roylance` 1 Message
Marinaccio Paul J Marinaccio 4
Hoadley David J Hoadley 3
Jayaraj Jumaraswamy Jayaraj 1
Vitale Nicholas G Vitale 2
Kanaan Abed K Kanaan 3
Hirschman Gordon B Hirschman 1
Galea Anna M Galea 1
Goldie James Hunter Goldie 3
Walter Thomas J Walter 1
Phely-Bobin Thomas S Phely-Bobin 1
Lusingnea Richard W. Lusingnea 1
Deming Glenn I Deming 2
Pasch Ken Pasch 1
Gassner J. J. Gassner 2
Fontana Richard Fontana 2
Kashlikar Uday Kashlikar 1
Popkin Stephen M. Popkin 2 Message
Warren Dr. Warren 1 Message
Warren Dr. Warren 0 Message
Warren Dr. Warren 0 Message
Warren Dr. Warren 0 Message
Warren Pet Warren 1 Message
Kumar Rajesh Kumar 3 Message
Warren Nes Warren 1 Message
Orbey Nes Orbey 2 Message
Chen Hsiang Chen 1 Message
McCauley Douglas A. McCauley 1 Message
Brunsing Dr. Thomas Brunsing 1
A S Lee Mr. Robert A S Lee 2
Brockelman Curtis Brockelman 1
Lovett Mr. J. Timothy Lovett 2
Samavedam Dr. Gopal Samavedam 1
Brockelman Mr. Curt Brockelman 1
Kelley Kathleen Kelley 1 Message
Rufo Mr. Mike A. Rufo 15 Message

968 Awards Won

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Navy
Topic: N03-099
Budget: 06/01/05 - 12/01/06

Aircraft noise abatement, particularly in the near vicinity of airports, is a serious and expensive problem for both military and civilian air fleets. Previous noise abatement efforts such as engine replacement, structural modifications, or the addition of a Hushkit, have yielded mixed results. These methods are not particularly effective at r...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-02-25
Budget: 06/01/05 - 05/31/08

DESCRIPTION (provided by applicant): Implantable micro-electrodes for electrical stimulation of neurons and recording neuronal responses are essential tools for neurophysiologists studying the behavior of neurons in the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve. Critical properties of an electrode interface include: low noise, low impedance, bioc...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF04-018
Budget: 04/29/05 - 07/30/07

The Air Force has a pressing need for large, structurally efficient reflectors for both radar and high bandwidth communication. Because launch volumes are limited, the large aperture must be volume efficient as well. To meet the stated needs of future DoD missions, the reflectors must be very precise as well as large in diameter relative to its ...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF04-029
Budget: 04/28/05 - 07/30/07

The Foster-Miller team is developing a novel coverglass system that protects photovoltaic cells on space power systems that are exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation. The spectrum of radiation a solar cell is exposed to not only provides usable energy, over time it also reduces the efficiency of the cell by darkening the barrier coverglas...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A04-197
Budget: 03/15/05 - 09/15/05

Current techniques for minimally invasive surgery suffer from limitations in four general areas: access, dexterity, information, and action. We need to improve navigation to the site and supply the degrees of freedom for proper performance once there. We also need to report the appropriate metrics to facilitate decision-making for surgeons func...

Phase 2 STTR

Institution: Tufts University

Agency: Army
Topic: ARMY03-T13
Budget: 03/01/05 - 02/28/06

Free-phase pollutants are persistent environmental contaminants. The feasibility of an enhanced process of in situ free-phase pollutant removal by micro-organisms that had been pre-adapted to the pollutant free-phase surface was confirmed during Phase I. The high affinity of the micro-organisms to the pollutant free-phase resulted from their i...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A04-259
Budget: 02/11/05 - 08/11/05

Dependency on petroleum fuels represents a substantial portion of logistic burdens on a forward force. One possible remedy is the utilization of fuel sources available in the forward theatre. General wastes of deployment (i.e. packaging, food, scrap materials) and local biomass are two feedstocks having high fuel potential. In this Phase I SB...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A04-184
Budget: 12/28/04 - 06/28/05

This SBIR Phase I project presents a novel hydrogel-based approach to hemorrhage control of extremity injuries, which would allow the stoppage of bleeding of hard to reach arteries. Such a system would increase a soldier's chance of survival and would allow medical personnel to successfully treat the injury in a battlefield venue. The Phase I ...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Army
Topic: A04-192
Budget: 12/14/04 - 06/14/05

The proposed program presents a novel approach to the design of a biocompatible, biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble nanodelivery system, that allows for the stabilization of proteins and for delivery in a controlled manner. Conflicts in recent world history have seen an influx in the usage of untraditional munitions by groups and nations a...

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: Johns Hopkins University

Agency: Air Force
Topic: AF04-T007
Budget: 09/07/04 - 06/07/05

Abstract: The nature of military operations requires around-the-clock operation. Consequently military personnel responsible for overseeing routine as well as battlefield activity must work at times outside the weekday, daytime hours common in many other occupations. Given the serious consequences for US defense strategy and the safety of US s...

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