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SBIR Award Summary

Total Number of Awards 1197
Total Value of Awards $319MM
First Award Date 01/01/83
Most Recent Award Date 12/01/17

Key Personnel

Last Name Name Awards Contact
Chiang Dr. Kophu Chiang 2
White Dr. Michael White 14
Stevens Dr. Amy E. Stevens 1
Wainner Dr. Richard Wainner 7 Message
Cosofret Dr. Bogdan R. Cosofret 9 Message
Chestukhin Dr. Anton Chestukhin 3
Dokhan Dr. Allan Dokhan 23 Message
Racoveanu Dr. Ana Racoveanu 12
Bergeron Dr. Bryan V. Bergeron 12
Joshi Dr. Prakash B. Joshi 35 Message
Lauten Mr. Fred Lauten 1 Message
Gelb Alan Gelb 11
Pacheco Dr. Dennis P. Pacheco 3
Scire-Scappuzzo Ms. Francesca Scire-Scappuzzo 7 Message
Ferguson Mr. R. Daniel Ferguson 9 Message
Gittins Christopher M. Gittins 16
Legner Dr. Hart Legner 1 Message
Boehme Dr. Jeffrey L. Boehme 2 Message
Wright Dr. Andrew O. Wright 1 Message
Steinbeck Dr. John W. Steinbeck 18 Message
Bamford Dr. Douglas J. Bamford 8 Message
Laughlin Dr. William T. Laughlin 14 Message
Cook Dr. David J. Cook 13
Scappuzzo Ms. Francesca Scire' Scappuzzo 2 Message
Oakes Dr. David B. Oakes 22 Message
Nebolsine Dr. Peter Nebolsine 19 Message
Agassounon Dr. William B.G. Agassounon 2
Fenner Dr. David B. Fenner 7 Message
Rietman Dr. Edward A. Rietman 8
White Dr. Kevin C. White 5
Zakin Dr. Mitchell R. Zakin 19 Message
Magill Dr. John C. Magill 19 Message
Galica Dr. Gary E. Galica 5 Message
Legner Dr. Hartmut H. Legner 21 Message
Flint Mr. John Flint 1 Message
Wall Dr. Kevin F. Wall 1 Message
Cataldi Mr. Paul Cataldi 2 Message
Moore Dr. Karl D. Moore 1 Message
Hammer Dr. Daniel X. Hammer 13
Ferrante Dr. Anthony A. Ferrante 22 Message
Decker Dr. Brian K. Decker 2 Message
Coxe Dr. Robin L. Coxe 4 Message
Rawlins Dr. W. Terry Rawlins 13 Message
Chaffins Dr. Sterling Chaffins 1 Message
Wehe Dr. Shawn D. Wehe 6 Message
Salley Mr. Edward J. Salley 9
Kline Mr. John F. Kline 1 Message
Piper Dr. Lawrence G. Piper 10 Message
Schwarz Dr. Willi G. Schwarz 7 Message
Kern Dr. Fred R. Kern 8 Message
Horn Dr. Quinn Horn 2 Message
Marinelli Dr. William J. Marinelli 24 Message
Anderson Dr. Bruce D. Anderson 2 Message
Schwarz Dr. William Schwarz 1 Message
Kessler Mr. William J. Kessler 16 Message
Jayne Ms. Karen D. Jayne 5
Pasco Dr. Susan T. Pasco 4 Message
Davis Dr. Steven J. Davis 31 Message
Barnard Richard Barnard 2 Message
Africk Dr. Steven A. Africk 4 Message
Allen Dr. Mark G. Allen 28 Message
Vaneck Dr. Thomas W. Vaneck 8 Message
Hensley Dr. Joel M. Hensley 14 Message
Read Dr. Micheal E. Read 1
Finson Michael L. Finson 14 Message
Rosen Dr. David I. Rosen 30 Message
Newman Dr. Aron Newman 8
Iftimia Dr. Nicusor V. Iftimia 28 Message
Gittin Dr. Christopher M. Gittin 1
Frish Michael B Frish 23 Message
Parker Dr. Terence E Parker 9
Caledonia G E Caledonia 4
Nebolsin Peter E Nebolsin 2
Rawlins W T Rawlins 3
Opie Dr. David Opie 5
Dicristina Victor Dicristina 3
McManus Keith McManus 8 Message
Goldey Charles L. Goldey 5
Miller Dr. Merlin G. Miller 5
Nakamura Dr. Takashi Nakamura 12 Message
Read Dr. Michael E. Read 16 Message
Rollins Dr. Christopher J Rollins 2
Weyl Dr. Duy Weyl 1
Weiss Dr. Robert F Weiss 1
Wilemski Gerald Wilemski 1
Simons Girard A. Simons 1
Creehan Dr. R Dennis Creehan 1
Pipter Lawrence G. Pipter 1
Helble Joseph J. Helble 4
Lauten Dr. Frederick S. Lauten PhD 24 Message
Mazel Charles H. Mazel 5 Message
Fraser Mr. Mark E. Fraser 3
Zakin Mitchel R. Zakin 1
Butler Dr. Charles T Butler 3
Resendes Dr. David Resendes 1
Ferguson R Daniel Ferguson 23
Reinecke William G Reinecke 1
Senior Constance L. Senior 7 Message
Ferguson Jim Ferguson 1
Holtzclaw Karl W. Holtzclaw 3
Pugh Evan R. Pugh 2
Goldey C. Goldey 1
Krech Mr. Robert Krech 1
Lo Edmond Y. Lo 2
T.Rosen David T.Rosen 1
Bigelow Chad E. Bigelow 1
Hunter Amy J.R. Hunter 10 Message
J. Ray Bauer Amy J. Ray Bauer 1
Seiler Dr. Steven Seiler 1
Miller Dr. Michael Miller 1
Montoya Dr. Juan Montoya 4
Thompson Dr. Alicia Thompson 1
Faghfouri Aram Faghfouri 3
Talukdar Kushal Talukdar 2
Schulberg Michelle T. Schulberg 3
Towle Jonathan P. Towle 1
Byl Marten Byl 2 Message
Mayer Peter M. Mayer 7 Message
Vancek Thomas W. Vancek 1
Scherer David Scherer 6
Skyler David Skyler 2
Tsinberg Anna Tsinberg 2
Dokhan Allan Dokhan 3 Message
Merritt Mark Merritt 4 Message
Wang Yuliang Wang 2
Guiler Richard W. Guiler 7 Message
Rushforth Jay Rushforth 1
Parameswaran Krishnan Parameswaran 11 Message
Ma Junqing Ma 3
Costolo Michael A. Costolo 2 Message
Lang Christopher M. Lang 17 Message
Preda Dorin Preda 7 Message
Biss David P. Biss 1
Casse Bernard Casse 3 Message
Manegold David Manegold 4 Message
Giblin Jay P. Giblin 5 Message
Warren Peter A. Warren 4 Message
Taylor E Jennings Taylor 5
Manuccia Thomas J Manuccia 3
Zhu Leyun Zhu 2
Lee Seonkyung Lee 3
Bauer Amy Bauer Jr. 2
Mujat Mircea Mujat 13 Message
Pogue Brian William Pogue 2
ham David ham 3
Taylor Dr. E. Jennings Taylor 52 Message
Weyl Dr. Guy Weyl 2
Rawlins W.T. Rawlins 2
Mcmanus K.r. Mcmanus 1
Jashi Prakash B. Jashi 1
Frank Jonathan H. Frank 1 Message
Gardner Susan Gardner 1 Message
Caledonia George E. Caledonia 47 Message
DeLeo Mary DeLeo 1 Message
Weatherby David Weatherby 5 Message
crehan Dennis crehan 1
Creehan R. Dennis Creehan 1
R K Vilambi N R K Vilambi 2
Frish Dr. M Frish 1
Boni Dr. Arthur A. Boni 1
Simon Dr. Girard A Simon 1
Wyslouzil Barbara E Wyslouzil 1
Carleton Karen L Carleton 3
Srinivasachar Dr. Srivats Srinivasachar 1
Anderson Everett B Anderson 1
Kang Shin G Kang 2
Bool Dr. Lawrence E Bool III 2
Khesin Dr. Mark J Khesin 1
Ducharme Alfred Ducharme 1
Pirri Dr. Anthony N. Pirri 1
Faser Dr. Mark E. Faser 2
Morency Mr. Joseph R. Morency 4 Message
Legner Dr. Harmut H. Legner 2
Panagiotou Thomai Panagiotou 1
Lawrence William G. Lawrence 1 Message
Greet B. David Greet 1 Message
Silva Michelle L. Silva 1 Message
Aron Aron 1
Caladonia George E. Caladonia 1 Message
Templeman Mr. Chris Templeman 8 Message
Frish Mickey B. Frish 1 Message
Stachyra Andrew L. Stachyra 2
Seem Peter Seem 2 Message
Green Dr. David B. Green 245 Message
Parameswa Krishnan Parameswa 1 Message
Sabourin Justin Sabourin 5 Message
Dupuis Julia R. Dupuis 10 Message
Kimble Dr. Michael C. Kimble 81 Message
Sasso Richard Sasso 3 Message
Woolf David N. Woolf 1 Message
Green B. David Green 25 Message
Lennhoff Dr. John D. Lennhoff 33 Message
Gren B. D Gren 14 Message
Merit Mark Merit 0 Message
Sonnenfroh Dr. David M. Sonnenfroh 38 Message
Warren Peter Warren 2 Message
Wolf David N Wolf 1 Message
Wainner Richard Wainner 2 Message
Sasso Richard Sasso 1 Message
Sonnenforh David Sonnenforh 1 Message
Vega Jose Vega 1 Message
Ziskin Dr. Vitaliy Ziskin 1 Message
Gren Dr. David Gren 7 Message
Dupuis Dr. Rentz Dupuis 1 Message
Glynn James Glynn 2 Message
Beecher Cheryl J Beecher 2 Message
L De Leo Mary L De Leo 1 Message
Herrera Oscar D Herrera 1 Message
Wright John A Wright 1 Message
Green B David Green 1 Message
Smith Dr. Christian Smith 1 Message
Hessel Dr. Colin Hessel 1 Message
Wegener Jeffrey Wegener 1 Message
Hoskinson Alan Hoskinson 1 Message
Terauds Kalvis Terauds 1 Message

1197 Awards Won

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-16-302
Budget: 12/01/17 - 11/30/18

Project Summary/Abstract The goal of the proposed SBIR program is to develop a pharmaceutical manufacturing decontamination system using the innovative PSI atmospheric pressure microwave microplasma technology. Commercialization of this technology is targeted to replace the use of vapor phase hydrogen peroxide (VPHP) in parenteral drug manufact...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-16-302
Budget: 09/18/17 - 08/31/18

Project Summary/Abstract Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) proposes to develop a handheld two-photon microscopy (TPM) probe that will enable in vivo diagnosis and screening of various diseases, including cancers. This novel, clinically usable TPM instrument will provide three-dimensional (3-D) sub-micron resolution images of tissue pathology in situ....

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-16-302
Budget: 08/18/17 - 07/31/18

Project Summary/Abstract Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI), in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) and Caliber ID, Rochester, NY proposes to develop a novel technology for real-time assessment of surgical margins on breast cancer lumpectomy specimens and provide immediate feedback to the surgeon. A multimodal microscope will be use...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-16-302
Budget: 07/01/17 - 06/30/18

Project Summary/Abstract Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) proposes to develop and demonstrate a new prototype of our Multimodal Adaptive Optics Small Animal Imaging (MAOSI) platform suitable for commercialization. MAOSI is a flexible, high-resolution (<1µm) benchtop retinal imaging system with up to four confocal reflectance Adaptive Optics Scannin...

Phase 1 STTR

Institution: Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 22a
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Nickel super alloys, such as Inconel®, are leading candidates for fossil energy-based power production components due to their resilience in extreme environments. A significant technical roadblock to the implementation of nickel-based power plant systems is the inability to produce large-scale components in a cost competitive manner. We will add...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 18a
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Research into cold atmospheric-pressure plasmas for decontamination and sterilization has been rapidly increasing. Such plasmas are often operated in ambient air, making plasma / biomatter interaction mechanisms difficult to identify and control. In addition, such discharges always produce some level of ozone, which is incompatible with many mat...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 17d
Budget: 06/12/17 - 03/11/18

Separation and concentration of rare earth elements (REEs) from coal and coal (mining and combustion) byproducts is a growing technology. DOE’s interest is evidenced by the establishment of several programs in REE recovery during recent years. In order to achieve industrial scale and reliability, process control and process development need anal...

Phase 2 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PA-14-058
Budget: 05/01/17 - 04/30/18

Project Summary/Abstract There is currently a significant need for new non-invasive imaging techniques able to accurately quantify biomarkers for early detection, diagnosis, and quantification of complications in type 1 diabetes (T1D) such as diabetic retinopathy (DR). Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) proposes to develop an imaging platform based o...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Health & Human Services
Topic: PAR-15-091
Budget: 04/04/17 - 04/03/18

Project Summary/Abstract Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI) and University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign (UIUC) propose to develop and commercialize an affordable optogenetics/two-photon (2P) imaging instrument that will enable simultaneous manipulation and recording of neuronal activity in genetically modified animals. The goal of this project is t...

Phase 1 SBIR

Agency: Department of Energy
Topic: 20c
Budget: 02/21/17 - 11/20/17

The advent of sensor networks to gather atmospheric data for weather and climate prediction on large spatial and temporal scales is crucial to the advancement of our understanding of many different important processes that make up such predictive models. A prime example is the height of the atmospheric boundary layer, which is used to parameteri...

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