Multifunctional MEMS-based Safe & Arm Device Fully Integrated with an Arm Fire Device

Period of Performance: 07/23/2003 - 01/23/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Tanner Research
34 Lexington Avenue Array
Ewing, NJ 08618
Principal Investigator


Tanner Research has over 3-years experience with MEMS-based out-of-line S&A design and fabrication, including the development of embedded micro detonators, micro initiators and digitally controlled micro thrusters. We propose to leverage this experience to: (1) Work with missile system experts to determine what S&A and Arm Fire (AF) device functionality is required; (2) determine if/how a MEMS-based design(s) provides this required functionality; (3) develop preliminary MEMS-based design concepts for an integrated S&A and AF device; and, (4) using the Tanner Research MEMS fabrication facilities, demonstrate manufacturability of functional prototype hardware mockups in silicon. Tanner Research's S&A designs have combined materials/mechanical functionality with electrical and chemical functionality on a planar surface, to implement a multifunctional MEMS-based S&A/AF design, with out-of-line functionality, for multiple use/reuse. MEMS-based safe and arm (S&A) devices are being manufactured for future use with medium caliber air bursting munitions with high `g' setback and spin environments providing energy to move mass and energetics. Unfortunately, the mass fabrication design concepts are not considered as important as function, usually leading to incredibly expensive implementations some of which have increased the production cost per S&A device from $2.50 to over $50 each. Develop rapid prototyping and low cost mass fabrication concepts to determine feasibility and cost-effectiveness of integrating MEMS-based S&A and AF devices into existing rocket and missile propulsion units.