Three Dimensional Integration of Compound Semiconductor and SOI Integrated Circuits (BMDO02-214B)

Period of Performance: 07/14/2002 - 02/13/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Epitaxial Technologies, LLC
1450 South Roling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227
Principal Investigator


Epitaxial Technologies proposes to develop an innovative three dimensional (3-D) monolithic integrated circuits technology that will combine the high-performance capabilities of III-V compounds with the low cost and very large scale integration capability of Si chip manufacturing. We will achieve this by investigating various material structure, wafer growth, wafer bonding and fabrication concepts and techniques to enable 3D integration without degrading device and circuit performance. In Phase I, we will investigate the growth, fabrication and testing of a variety of device structures such as HBTs, HEMTs and photodiodes on InP bonded to SOI. During Phase II, we will optimize the epitaxial materials and bonding technology and integrate millimeter wave ICs, photo receivers and sensors with CMOS circuits on bonded SOI substrates. This project will result in several types of products: highly integrated multifunction chips and components, and the wafers for fabricating them. The products will be applicable in most DoD and BMDO weapons systems including multi-domain sensors, mm-wave cameras for battlefield target tracking and identification and secure communications. Civilian applications include advanced synthesizers and integrated transceivers for broadband wireless and wireline telecommunications.