Training Rapid Decision-Making Processes Required by the Dismounted Objective Force Leader

Period of Performance: 01/06/2003 - 11/10/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Micro Analysis and Design, Inc.
4949 Pearl East Circle, Suite 300
Boulder, CO 80301
Principal Investigator


The Army is transforming to an objective force. This transformation will be revolutionary. More than a change of equipment, Objective Force represents an overarching change in organization and doctrine with associated impacts on leadership development, logistics concepts, selection and training. Objective Force Warrior (OFW) is one component of the Objective Force that encompasses a system of equipment and capabilities for the individual warfighter. OFW is scheduled for fielding in 2008 and is composed of an integrated electronic capability suite to help the soldier see first, understand first, and act decisively. The transition to the Objective Force will place new training demands on the warfighter as he learns to integrate information from the conventional and electronic battlefield. This proposal describes an opportunity to train the analytical skills the OFW will need to make sense of the variety of information he will receive electronically together with the recognitional skills he'll need to use his electronic systems effectively. We describe below how this training can take place independently of "knobology" that will necessarily follow when the OFW systems are fielded, and we discuss how this training will reflect a more general method for identifying the particular analytical skills needed to synthesize information. A methodology to develop training for new electronic and conventional equipment and systems as the equipment and systems are themselves under development would provide a means for spiral development. Successfully applying this concept will result in the training and the system development to influence each other. This will allow the Army to be ready to respond to modern threats around the world on short notice.