MKV Dispenser

Period of Performance: 05/06/2002 - 11/05/2002


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

AEP Technologies, Inc.
13110 NE 177th PL #234
Woodinville, WA 90872
Principal Investigator


The MKV ballistic missile interceptor system use large numbers of small MKV interceptors launched using a single booster. The MKV interceptors are deployed from the carrier vehicle to intercept and destroy multiple objects in the midcourse phase of a ballistics missile's trajectory. The MKV system provides a means to address countermeasures through multiple intercepts of all non-discriminated objects within a threat cluster. A critical aspect of MKV system concept is release of the individual MKVs from the carrier/launch vehicle. To avoid performance degradation or damage, the MKVs must be dispensed on controlled velocity vectors without inducing significant pitch, roll and yaw motions into the MKVs. AEP is proposing the development of an MKV dispenser. The dispenser would be capable of simultaneously dispensing a single tier of MKVs. The dispenser uses a pyrotechnically inflated metallic bag. The bag would be installed as a flattened toroid between the MKVs and the carrier vehicle. The location and geometry of the bag and the rate of bag inflation are used to dispense the MKVs on controlled vectors without imposing pitch, roll or yaw motions to the MKVs. A metallic bag is used to avoid any bag leakage or storage life concerns. This program will lead to the design and development of a lightweight, MKV (Miniature Kill Vehicle) carriage and dispensing system based upon inflatable metallic bags. The MKV dispenser would allow individual rings (tiers) of MKVs to be dispensed with very tightly controlled dispense velocities and radial directions. This same inflatable, metallic bag dispenser technology could be used for DoD submunition dispensing applications where precise dispensing control and no dispense bag leakage is required.