High Current and Voltage Diodes for Power Switching

Period of Performance: 12/15/2002 - 06/15/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Semisouth Laboratories
201 Research Blvd.
Starkville, MS 39759
Principal Investigator


The goal of this proposal is to study the feasibility SiC rectifiers in high-voltage, high total current applications. Specifically, the Schottky barrier diode (SBD), JBS diode (JBS), and PiN diode device structures will be studied with strengths and weaknesses of each approach examined based on the system application needs and SiC material maturity. The insertion of SiC into high total current switch mode power supply (SMPS) motor controllers would significantly increase efficiency of electric vehicles. In addition, SiC rectifiers would allow for increased switching frequency of the SMPS, which would lead to smaller and lighter passive circuit components. Potential commercial applications of this technology include high total current SMPS for use in electric, hybrid-electric vehicles. General anticipated benefits are also derived from increasing the industrial base of SiC discrete device and epitaxy suppliers, which will provide market infrastructure to help support DoD and commercial system insertion.