Cognitive Status Report Generator

Period of Performance: 12/16/2002 - 11/10/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Activity Research Services
2608 Santa Maria Court
Chula Vista, CA 91914
Principal Investigator


Data from original and archival sources will be used to compile normative values for both single and repeated administrations of selected ANAM test batteries. These norms will then be used to develop and evaluate strategies for creating cognitive status reports (CSRs) for use by clinicians, field commanders, and other decision makers. Predictive subsets of the data generated by the test batteries will be identified, and criteria for developing composite scores and reports from these data will be developed. Screening applications will require population norms for comparison, while therapeutic and operational applications (i.e., fitness for duty) may require comparison of a subject's current performance with past performance. Both types of applications will be addressed. Preliminary software for CSR creation will be developed. Testing systems providing point-of-use feedback on cognitive status will be available to clinicians, managers, and researchers. These systems will provide objective, data-based information to guide diagnostic, therapeutic, and operational decisions. Benefits of this system will include reduced health care costs and improved safety in the workplace.