Worldwide C4I for Special Operations Forces Combatant Craft

Period of Performance: 11/15/2002 - 05/14/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Advanced Concepts, Inc.
158 W. Johnstown Rd.
Gahanna, OH 43230
Principal Investigator


This Phase I SBIR Project will develop a complete set of guiding documents which shall constitue a roadmap for implementing and deploying the Worldwide C4I for Special Operations Forces Combatant Craft solution. The documentation set will include analysis and results for algorithms in the areas of data compression, and encryption schemes. The document set shall contain the following: Concept of Operations, System Architecture Plan, Communication Interfaces (Radio and Tactical Data Networks), Sub-System Interfaces (IBS, IC2S/JC2S, DCM, DDD and a conceptual Personnel Status Monitor). The roadmap will allow implementation of a system that will provide data aggregation, prioritization, and dissemination amongst multiple systems internal to the platform and external systems via components comprised of Tactical Radio Networks (e.g. JTRS components, AN/PRC-117F) and Tactical Data Links (e.g. Link-11, Link-16). Benefits of this solution include the reduction of non-essential information that the operators and team members must process, and greatly enhanced situational awareness capability for the platform and command structure. Platform elements will be able to receive real-time data from assets such as Joint Stars or Rivet Joint via the Tactical Data Links as well as command updates via the Tactical Radio Networks. The command structure can receive platform situational awareness information to include the battlespace (sensor feeds, asset positions), the platform performance(power plant data, fuel level), and personnel status (Personnel Monitor when available). Commercial Applications include providing the information dissemination control for public first responders (Law Enforcement, Fire, Emergency), commercial marine vessels, heavy equipment, sport platforms (boat and car), and the custom coach market.