Integrated Information Architecture for Crisis Management and Response

Period of Performance: 12/20/2002 - 06/19/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Brandes Assoc., Inc.
1417 Crestline Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
Principal Investigator


This project proposes research directed toward the rapid design, development, construction, and deployment of a prototype Heterogeneous Asymmetric Warfare Crisis Management System (HAWCMS). The HAWCMS will integrate extant data sources, chemical, biological, nuclear, radiation, explosive, and environmental sensor and systems outputs via wireless, internet, SIPRNET, Ethernet, 802.11b, free-space optical, and voice/data switching technologies into an open, plug-and-play, secure, distributed, web-based, client/server architecture, employ intuitive GUIs customized for each system client, and then distribute doctrinally-based actions in response to crises and appropriate recommendations regarding courses of action (COA) based upon real-time or trend-analyzed data. The system will additionally provide mission, action, or event planning capabilities, predictive WMD analysis, and a simulation capability for crisis response rehearsal or COA analysis. Benefits: Improved Asymmetric Warfare Defensive systems, improved crisis response, reduction in damage caused by asymmetric warfare or disaster events, reduction in required manpower for increased levels of security for military assets, geographic locations, or strategic entities. Commercial Applications: Naval vessel/port/pier security, commercial shipping security, first-responder training, rehearsal, and crisis simulation capability, emergency response systems capability.