Miniature CBR Sensor with Combined Sampler and Terahertz Spectroscopy

Period of Performance: 12/20/2002 - 06/19/2003


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Microenergy Technologies, Inc.
2007 E. Fourth Plain Blvd.
Vancouver, WA 98661
Principal Investigator


The objective of this proposal is to evaluate the efficacy of the novel combination of microstructured aerosol and gas collector and terahertz (THz) spectroscopy techniques to non-invasively collect and detect hazardous chemical vapors, biological pathogens and toxins, and nuclear materials of interest. MicroEnergy Technologies, Inc. in cooperation with the University of Wisconsin-Madison will perform the joint research during Phase I in combining their technologies for the development of a unique, advanced sampling and sensing system. We have substantial experience in every aspect of the novel combination of filtration and detection, including air sampling for CBR agents, surface sampling, and optical spectroscopy. We will integrate a miniaturized terahertz spectroscopy system with microstructures to develop a state-of-the-art high signal-to-noise ratio chemical, biological, and nuclear agent detection system. During Phase I of this project, we will perform the feasibility of development of this system and demonstrate the approach with simulants, while during Phase I option and Phase II we`ll focus on development of a prototype for demonstration with real agents in a certified agent lab. The development of portable, noninvasive NBC detection device will enable personnel to detect chemical, biological, and nuclear contamination for emergency response, law enforcement and military applications. This system can also be used for border patrol and other agencies for homeland security.