Linguistic Geometry Concepts for Advanced Engagement Planning

Period of Performance: 07/22/2003 - 01/22/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Stilman Advanced Strategies
1623 Blake Street, #200
Denver, CO 80202
Principal Investigator


We propose to utilize Linguistic Geometry (LG), a revolutionary wargaming technology, to dramatically improve the GMD engagement planning capabilities. The most significant advantages of the LG approach are modeling of the intelligent enemy and extraordinarily fast automatic generation of best strategies and tactics for all the sides of a conflict. On SBIR Phase I, we will develop LG based concepts for the engagement planning with nominal sensors, missile and threat parameters. We will develop metrics for capturing the amount of performance improvement and a methodology to "prove" the LG-based concept will work. We will investigate theoretical and computational limits of applicability of LG to GMD engagement planning. We will also develop the operational specs for a software prototype of an advanced engagement planning tool, LG-PLANNER. In addition, utilizing our proprietary software LG-FRAMEWORK as well as our existing prototypes for cruise missile defense, SEAD missions, and effect-based operations (EBO), we will demonstrate a proof of feasibility of the concepts embodied in LG-PLANNER. The full-scale LG-PLANNER (to be developed in Phase II) will plan the entire operation, allocate resources with minimal cost to achieve certain probability of success (defined by a planner), generate and assess possible courses of actions (COA) for all sides, select counteractions, control operation by re-planning in real time, and play and re-play various "what-if" scenarios. LG-PLANNER will be a highly scalable tool to accommodate increased threat numbers and expanded weapons capabilities. LG-PLANNER will be compatible with the BMC2 infrastructure in a form ready for integration with the system. Revolutionary new wargaming dynamic planning tool, aiming to dramatically improve the GMD engagement planning capabilities; New comprehensive decision support, management, and allocation of scarce resources for air traffic management (ATM); New products for interactive entertainment software (IES) industry; New solutions for Communications/Network Management Systems, modeling and simulation, automated logistics and transportation system, etc.