Fusion Of Collects to Understand the Situation (FOCUS)

Period of Performance: 06/05/2003 - 03/05/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Intelligent Software Solutions
5450 Tech Center Drive Suite 400
Colorado Springs, CO 80919
Principal Investigator


The Fusion Of Collects to Understand the Situation (FOCUS) project will provide all source correlation and fusion for the purposes of targeting, situation awareness, and ISR tasking using imagery, MTI, SIGINT and HUMINT. The system will utilize two complementary fusion systems, the Web Enabled Timeline Analysis System (WebTAS) and the Automated Targeting Data Fusion (ATDF) System. Integration of these two complementary capabilities will produce a synergistic, innovative approach to the fusion of data from multiple intelligence sources providing real-time and historical analysis of target movement and tracking. In addition, this application of an open, plug and play fusion architecture will provide users with standard data and application interfaces, maximizing interoperability and reacting dynamically to unforeseen situations and to unexpected user needs. Provides the warfighter with automated data fusion and visualization tools that exploit multiple intelligence sources to perform time critical targeting, situation awareness and ISR tasking. This data fusion will result in improved detection and tracking of time critical targets. Commercial applications for the fusion of data related to movement include areas such as highway safety, air traffic control and weather.