Kinetic Energy Penetrator Payload for EX 172 Cargo Round

Period of Performance: 07/08/2003 - 01/04/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Talley Defense Systems
4051 N. Higley Road P.O. Box 34299
Mesa, AZ 85277
Principal Investigator


Programs for dispensing small penetrators in a uniform pattern to obtain a high probability of kill against asymmetric ship defense targets. The dispense system will be compatible with gun launched ammunition. Studies will include penetrator sizing, penetrator packing within warhead sections, penetrators dispensing, penetrator production techniques, and calculations of warhead effectiveness against various threats. Pyrotechnics developed to dispense small penetrators can have application to personnel protection systems in automobiles. They also have applications for explosive forming of components and applications in the oil mining industry.