A Parallel PIC-DSMC Code for Modeling Complex Plasmas

Period of Performance: 07/22/2003 - 03/22/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Tech-X Corporation
5621 Arapahoe Ave Suite A
Boulder, CO 80303
Principal Investigator


Plasma propulsion systems for satellites, the low-density plasma edge in fusion devices, and plasma reactors for semiconductor manufacture are all in need of a modeling and simulation capability that can effectively address electromagnetics, charged particle dynamics, neutral gas dynamics, and the interaction among these entities. Moreover, such simulation capability should be able to handle fully three-dimensional geometries with complex boundaries. A tool for modeling plasma propulsion systems will be developed. As such, work advancing and using this tool will likely be available for future DOD funding. In addition, this tool will have commercial applications to plasma processing of semiconductors.