Sensor Node Radio (SNRadio) for Ad Hoc Sensor and Munitions Networks (9640)

Period of Performance: 12/12/2003 - 06/11/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Q-dot, Inc.
1069 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Principal Investigator


Q-DOT proposes to develop a low-cost, low-power, Sensor Node Radio (SNRadio) specifically designed to support ad hoc sensor and miniature networks for FCS and OFW. It supports ad hoc sensor and munitions network protocols. The SNRadio provides the first link in communication paths between the Sensor Node and the User. The SNRadio maximizes sensor time-on-station by minimizing network communications power requirements. Its DSSS waveform facilitates LPI, LPD, jam-resistant communication at 1 Mchip/second. The proposed SNRadio is realized completely with COTS components built around R.F. Monolithics' (RFM) ASH 3 Transceiver. RFM claims that the ASH 3 receiver consumes less power than any other receiver in the world at any given bit rate. Q-DOT will conceptually design network protocols and a secure waveform in Phase I to project SNRadio size, cost, power consumption, and performance. (Separately, Q-DOT proposes to develop the next generation ASH 4 transceiver (under Topic A03-121) which is specifically tailored to support ad hoc sensor networks.) A network of SNRadios coupled with a COTS sensor package will be designed, built, and demonstrated in Phase II.