Simulation and Training Development to Enhance the Tactical Knowledge and Readiness of Information Warfare Teams

Period of Performance: 07/24/2003 - 04/24/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Integrated Systems Improvement Services,
2149 Piccadilly Drive
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
Principal Investigator


The USAF approach to training its Warfighters is well defined for the aviation community but how do you build an Information Warfare Gunnery range? The ISIS IW gunnery range: · Provides training/evaluation in USAF IW tasks and competencies. · Includes methodology for systematically linking USAF tasks/competencies to a training scenario. · Includes a mechanism to measure performance and assess knowledge. · Supports complex scenarios over multiple days. · Uses feedback loops to inject player action into the scenario · Includes rules to ensure smooth game play and consistent scoring. · Lends itself to training small teams with minimal administrative overhead. Our Phase I effort delivers: 1) Definition of USAF IW mission essential competencies/operational domains derived from current USAF and Joint tasks and doctrine. 2) Integration of USAF IW competencies/domains in a functional prototype linking those USAF IW competencies to a training scenario that measures player mastery of those competencies. 3) Game rules to facilitate control of an exercise. 4) Sample data to validate convergence of USAF Competencies, Information Structure, and Game Rules. 5) Specifications for a USAF IW Integrated Training Suite. 6) Cross referencing of USAF Tasks and Competencies to instructional principles and training strategies. ·Produces a measurable training system that fully addresses USAF IW knowledge and performance requirements. ·Immediately enhances existing USAF IW training ·Guides creation of USAF IW training where it does not currently exist. ·Uses USAF IW and Information-in-Warfare (IIW) functions to dramatically increase realism and broaden training tool applicability across DoD and other government organizations that share IW tasks but do not share training environments.