Battery Modulation for Communications Equipment

Period of Performance: 11/14/2003 - 05/14/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Policell Technologies, Inc.
240 Martin Luther King Blvd
Newark, NJ 07102
Principal Investigator


Policell Technologies Inc. proposes 6 month research effort to demonstrate the feasibility of replacing the lithium BA-5590 with a rechargeable battery. It is proposed to design and develop basic pouch lithium-ion cells that are suitable for assembly of BA-5590 battery and deliver some basic pouch cells to SOCOM by the end of the Phase I program. The battery system will be based on Policell Technologies Inc.'s unique heat-activatable separator membrane and advanced liquid electrolyte or gel polymer electrolyte, using conventional liquid lithium-ion battery electrodes. The research work will be divided into six tasks. By the use of PTI's proprietary heat-activatable separator and advanced electrolyte, the resulting rechargeable lithium-ion cells could offer high energy density (175 watt-hr/kg for cellular phone cell), high rate capability, long cycle life, in particular, low as well as stable impedance during charge-discharge cycling, extended temperature range for cell applications, and improved safety. This heat-activatable separator and the advanced electrolyte technologies are proprietary to Policell Technologies and do not involve any third party licenses. Policell Technologies has developed these technologies over the last two years. The research and development work will be conducted in Policell Technologies Inc.'s facility which is located in Newark, New Jersey. The estimated total cost for this program is $98,980.72.