Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management System

Period of Performance: 08/13/2003 - 05/13/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.
1408 University Drive East Array
College Station, TX 77840
Principal Investigator


KBSI proposes to develop an Intelligent Asset Tracking and Management System (IATMS), a solution combining hardware and software that leverages existing COTS and legacy systems, in order to continuously locate, track, and manage assets across a large facility. Lack of adequate asset tracking and management is a significant problem in any MRO organization, where errors in identifying accurate information about an asset or its location can lead to a shutdown situation, potentially causing tremendous delays and huge losses. In the case of Tinker Air Force Base OC/ALC, asset management has enormous value because of the huge store of assets such as Ground Support Equipment and tools. IATMS is a unified framework for geolocation knowledge for both indoors (shops) and outdoors (ramps). It will provide instant visualization of assets at depots, resulting in reduced physical searches of equipment, improved GSE utilization, and improved MRO flow-times. It will also provide innovative knowledge discovery of equipment-task and equipment-resource relationships from geolocation data and disparate external data sources. This knowledge will result in improved asset management processes, streamlined equipment allocation to tasks and improved production times. IATMS will employ XML for enterprise application integration and IDEF3 for asset management processes. The proposed developments will provide an unprecedented ability to conduct asset tracking and management with significant reductions in time and needed to locate assets and equipment that are critical for an impending task of high payback. Our solution will also help identify key personnel that are closely associated with a piece of equipment or GSE in order to obtain just-in-time subject matter expertise. Finally, it will allow for the determination of whether GSE physically impede the movement of aircraft that results in the reschedule of an aircraft move and prevents the location from being used by the next scheduled aircraft. Because of its secure, distributed, web-based architecture, it can be easily integrated into existing work portals.