Dismounted Small Unmanned Air Vehicle (SUAV) Associate

Period of Performance: 12/09/2003 - 06/08/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Kutta Consulting, Inc.
2075 W Pinnacle Peak Rd Ste 102
Phoenix, AZ 85027
Principal Investigator


Kutta will use a proven methodology, input form an impressive list of partners, and its internal avionics software expertise to define the functions and determine the specifications for an SUAV dismounted associate. The company's iterative rational unified process identifies, rationalizes and details the system's functions. In the first stages of this process, partners' (including the developer of the Rotorcraft Pilots Associate and FCS integrator, The Boeing Company, Army Aviation, Department of Homeland Defense, and local law enforcement) will identify and prioritize potential associate functions. In the second stage, Kutta will rationalize the identified functions using its partners feedback and a risk / benefit analysis. In the third stage, Kutta will detail the selected functions and develop software specifications using its expertise in developing high-reliability certifiable avionics software. In the final stage, Kutta will produce a dismounted associate Software Requirements Specification (SRS) that includes optimum set of "standard" functions, such as waypoint entry, and "novel" functions, such as a real-time video annotation system that stores information about any identified enemy assets on a situational map. The SRS captures design information and lays the groundwork for the UML modeling, software development, and prototype testing needed in Fast Track or Phase 2 efforts.