Multi-Purpose, Field Expedient Engineering Composite Material

Period of Performance: 08/08/2007 - 02/08/2008


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Triangle Polymer Technologies
203 April Bloom Ln.
Cary, NC 27519
Principal Investigator


There is an ongoing requirement for lightweight, strong armor material, long lasting field expedient repair capabilities, and covert attaching of insulated devices to land and water-based targets without inhibiting RF signals. The objective of this proposal is to utilize the epoxy/urethane/acrylate hybrid resin systems that have been commercialized by Triangle Polymer Technologies to develop a strong, safe, fast curing structural composite material that can be molded and combined with reinforcement materials, used in the field to repair equipment and materials, secure armor plating to vehicles, and be applied in a wide range of field conditions including underwater. This will produce a dramatic increase in operational effectiveness of all military operations. In addition to the development of a high strength and impact resistant material system with a cure time that can be easily changed from a few seconds to over an hour, we will address topics that include: impact mitigation, weight reduction and ease of field use.