Linguistic Geometry Intelligent Nodes for COA Generation and Analysis

Period of Performance: 11/25/2003 - 05/24/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Stilman Advanced Strategies
1623 Blake Street, #200
Denver, CO 80202
Principal Investigator


We propose to develop and demonstrate a new approach to rapidly conceptualize and prioritize information vital to Objective Warrior (OW). The approach is based on Linguistic Geometry (LG), a mathematical theory for strategic superiority discovery. The most significant advantages of the LG approach are modeling of the intelligent enemy and extraordinarily fast automatic generation of best strategies, tactics and COA for all the sides of a conflict. We will also develop LG based semantics for BML as well as LG based architecture for intelligent nodes (IN) to generate and analyze COA options. Utilizing these semantics and architecture, we will develop operational specs for a software prototype of LG-CHALLENGER representing the COA generating and analyzing engine of the IN capable to understand and assign semantics to BML sentences. In addition, utilizing our proprietary software LG-FRAMEWORK as well as our existing prototypes for IAD (integrated Air defenses), SEAD missions, and effect-based operations (EBO), we will develop experiments illustrating feasibility of LG-CHALLENGER. With LG-CHALLENGER, an OW will be able, using convenient LG templates, to map the entire operational battlespaces into LG hypergames providing intuitively clear common operational picture (COP). The OW will employ LG-CHALLENGER to obtain COA options that will allow the OW to plan and execute future warfare missions including IAD, EBO, Joint, asymmetric, and humanitarian relief operations. The LG-CHALLENGER engine will communicate with the information carrying cells via BML, and with the OW via BML and human-centric GUI.