Hyperspectral Image Processing Platform (HIPP)

Period of Performance: 01/21/2004 - 07/21/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Coherent Logix, Inc.
1120 South Capital of Texas Highway Building 3, Su
Austin, TX 78746
Principal Investigator


Coherent Logix, Incorporated proposes to develop a Hyperspectral Image Processing Platform (HIPP) that will be able process 30 hyperspectral cubes per second, where a hypercube is approximately 100 MegaByte (MB) in size. The platform will be reprogrammable and dynamically reconfigurable to support static and dynamic application requirements and support lifetime field upgrades. Additionally, the HIPP will based on a "hardware under software control" architecture that provides an open [hardware and software] architecture supporting integration for embedded system applications. This computation intensive HIPP system will be enabled by Coherent Logix's HyperX processor technology currently supported by U.S. Army TACOM-ARDEC and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The HyperX technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in signal processor design that provides more than ten times the processing capability at less than one thirtieth the power of current state-of-the-art digital signal processors that result in critical weight, size, and power reductions. In the Phase I program, Coherent Logix will work with the Government to further define the HIPP requirements and identify optimizations off the base HyperX design that will facilitate more efficient hyperspectral image processing. In Phase II, Coherent Logix will develop a prototype HIPP system.