Multi-Sensor Terrain Fusion

Period of Performance: 11/25/2003 - 05/25/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Vexcel Corp.
1690 38th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
Principal Investigator


Vexcel is proposing to develop algorithms for digital elevation model fusion that utilize sensor models, sensor characteristics, and auxiliary platform information to improve the quality of fused digital elevation models. We will utilize our existing, non-sensor-specific DEM fusion prototype as a framework in which to prototype sensor-aware fusion capabilities. Our main thrust will be to develop quality metrics based on innate properties of the DEM production method, that can be used to guide DEM fusion by serving as an indicator of the relative quality of the DEM sources at a post. Our focus of study during the Phase 1 shall be the derivation of quality information for SAR stereo and interferometric SAR. We shall also study, as time permits, the derivation of quality metrics for the newer pushbroom optical sensors, such as Ikonos and Quickbird, which have more complicated sensor models than the traditionally used frame-based airborne EO cameras.