Integrated Communication Link and Global Positioning System (GPS) for Enhanced, Robust Position Information

Period of Performance: 11/03/2003 - 05/03/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Navsys Corp.
14960 Woodcarver Road Array
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Principal Investigator


Air platform and weapon navigation systems encounter situations where GPS signal reception is deteriorated, making the position and time information less reliable or unavailable. In the event of jamming, GPS can even be totally denied under some conditions which prohibits access to precision positioning data for navigation, guidance or targeting. Future air platforms and weapons will carry next generation communications links designed to provide sensor-to-platform-to-weapon connectivity. The objective of this effort is to develop and demonstrate the ability to augment the GPS-derived navigation solution through "Network-Assistance" from the communication link to enhance the precision and robustness of the positioning information. Under this Phase I effort we will develop a system design for a GPS Network-Assisted Positioning (GPS-NAP) software application that can be transitioned into the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). This will provide precise network time and TDOA observations to an integrated GPS/inertial Kalman Filter for enhanced, robust, position information. We will also investigate alternative JTRS waveforms which could be used for this purpose. Under Phase II, the GPS-NAP test-bed will be used to demonstrate the improved performance of the GPS-NAP solution using a JTRS test-bed, a SAASM GPS and an inertial navigation system to generate an integrated positioning solution.