Low-Cost High-Power Laser Designator/Rangefinder for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Platforms

Period of Performance: 12/02/2003 - 06/02/2004


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

NP Photonics, Inc.
9030 South Rita Road Suite 120
Tucson, AZ 85747
Principal Investigator


We propose to demonstrate the feasibility of developing a small form factor, high-power long-range laser designator/rangefinder for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platforms using an NP's proprietary technology, a compact high-power narrow-linewidth fiber laser. The laser designator/rangefinder is based on coherent frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) reflectometry. This proposed approach promises a very long-range (hundreds kilometers) laser designator/rangefinder with lots of advantages over most commercial laser rangefinders based on pulsed lasers, including extremely small beam divergence, very high dynamic range and sensitivity, eye-safety, compactness, ruggedness, and mounting flexibility.