High Performance, Low Temperature Asymmetric Supercapacitors

Period of Performance: 10/22/2012 - 03/20/2013


Phase 1 STTR

Recipient Firm

ADA Technologies, Inc.
8100 Shaffer Parkway Array
Littleton, CO 80127
Principal Investigator
Firm POC

Research Institution

North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7514
Raleigh, NC 27695
Institution POC


Today's military equipment is required to operate in extreme conditions: frigid arctic locations, dry/hot deserts, and humid tropical jungles, which leads to design operating temperature ranges of approximately -50ºC to 70ºC for current power systems. No commercial electric power storage device can perform at high rates at the lower limits of this temperature range, and technologies that come close typically suffer from instability in the upper temperature range. To address this need, ADA Technologies, Inc. (ADA) proposes to combine high capacitance activated carbon nanocomposite electrodes and high-rate nanocomposite intercalation electrodes with the novel low temperature electrolyte design capabilities of Prof. Wesley Henderson of North Carolina State University (NCSU) to develop advanced asymmetric supercapacitors for high-power, low temperature Army applications. The resulting device will have specific energy greater than that of commercial asymmetric devices and be able to maintain >10 Wh/kg at