High power DBR lasers for optimized pumping of chip-scale He:Rb lasers

Period of Performance: 10/31/2012 - 01/31/2015


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Photodigm, Inc.
1155 East Collins Boulevard, #200
Richardson , TX 75081
Principal Investigator


ABSTRACT: Alkali atoms are utilized in a wide range of applications including atomic clock references, cold-atom physics, quantum computing, low quantum-defect alkali vapor lasers, and next-generation precision navigation and timing (PNT) instruments. The demand for navigation-grade and strategic-grade PNT capability in compact form factors has led to development of several atom-optics solutions using the energy level and spin properties of alkali atoms. There is a pervasive need for high performance single-frequency diode lasers as key components to enable realization and field deployment of these atom optics technologies. Progress on each of these next-generation PNT applications has been hindered by the lack of these precision laser sources. Independent of the specific physics package, there exists a common need for increased laser power with narrow spectral linewidths tuned for cold atom trapping and resonant pumping of the alkali atom resonant transitions. The proposed SBIR Phase II research program is to develop high performance LOC-DBR lasers to specifically address this need for increased laser performance and lifetime. The availability of these new LOC-DBR lasers enables a new class of SRLG gyro and SRLA accelerometer systems having performance comparable to units having two orders of magnitude larger volume and weight. BENEFIT: The proposed program has benefits to numerous DoD and commercial applications requiring precision inertial sensing, timing, and navigation. Components developed in this work will benefit other researchers and systems integrators working in the fields of atom optics, cold atom physics, alkali atom-based timing, and inertial navigation systems