Novel Methods to Improve Performance of Silver-Zinc Batteries

Period of Performance: 06/25/2012 - 06/25/2014


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

BST Systems Inc.
78 Plainfield Pike Road
Plainfield, CT 06474
Principal Investigator


BST Systems has been engaged in IR&D Projects #7079, #7103 and SBIR Phase I Topic #N101-054 targeting sealed-cell operation, separator improvement, and negative electrode enhancement. The aim is to develop a nearly maintenance-free, sealed-cell that offers overall performance improvement in terms of cycle life and wet life. The systematic approach included analysis of non-cellulosic separators, novel negative electrode/electrolyte additives, the development of catalytic composites for gas consumption, and the development of a charge control management system that minimizes gas production. The objective is to develop a battery system that provides greater than 2 years wet-life, greater than 50 cycles with 70% capacity retention, and sealed operation for periods of at least 10 cycles without maintenance. In Phase I, novel materials and technologies were evaluated independently. The proposed Phase II approach is to optimize and combine the technical improvements identified in Phase I into a final large format cell design and perform long term cycle testing of the final design.