Rapid High Pressure Combustion Driven Powder Consolidation for the Development of Reactive Fragments and their Dynamic Properties

Period of Performance: 05/03/2012 - 05/03/2014


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Utron Kinetics, LLC
9441 Innovation Drive
Manassas, VA -
Principal Investigator


We propose in Phase II effort to continue and further optimize and scale up to fabricate the large diameter fragmenting test cylinders/complex geometries using innovative and Cost-effective Combustion Driven Rapid Powder Compaction Manufacturing as a follow-up of the successful development and materials properties/reactivity up to 6000 ft/s of CDC compacted reactive fragment materials from the Phase I efforts. CDC compaction process optimization is planned to develop additional materials properties, advanced alloy development with enhanced reactivities than equivalent steels, scaling up to fabricate for larger/complex geometries of reactivity test cylinders of various sizes of OD and wall thicknesses as per the sponsor's (OSD-ONR-NSWC) needs. Small and medium scale spheres/cylinders also will be developed for preliminary screening for materials behavior and reactivities. Advanced alloys proposed include combonations of Zr-Zn-W and other addvanced alloys,and mechanical, microstructural and microchemistry will be correlated with CDC compaction/post-process conditions based on select geometry and CDC materials properties. Potential alloying include tungsten, W-Ni-Fe, W, W/Zr/Zn, Nanomaterials of aluminum, Iron, Copper etc as examples) and reactivity enhancing materials in small concentrations such as nanoAluminum or Cryomilled Al-Zr-Zn alloys with Zr-Zn-W to obtain reactivities as a proof of concept and extend for other alloys in Phase II. Phase II option will be focused on the most promising alloys for specific needs from OSD sponsors/ potential industry end users such as NSWC,ATK, Aerojet or General dynamics etc, for their commercial applications.