Solid Waste Remediation System (SWRS) for Small Contingency Base Camps

Period of Performance: 05/31/2012 - 12/01/2012


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Fabrico Technology Inc.
111 Cooperation Way, Suite 200
Georgetown, TX 78626
Principal Investigator


Fabrico Technology and Mr. Brian Evans of Scimitar Technology (Johannesburg, ZA) propose to develop a TRICON portable (i.e. 6.5x8 x8 triple container) Magnetic Induction Heated Solid Waste Remediation System (MIH-SWRS) for PB, COP, and FOB renewable energy applications. The reactor is comprised of a unique series of rotating permanent magnets mounted within a sleeve of electrically conductive material. The magnetic flux generates a short-circuited electrical current, which results in the heating of the sleeve. When waste feedstock (i.e. pelletized or raw military or municipal trash) is introduced into the reactor sleeve, the material is exothermically heated and converted into usable carbon fuel. Flue gases released in this process can also be collected or flared. If the reactor is operated at 600o C or higher (i.e. 1200oC), the reactor generates heat, which can be converted directly into electricity. In this high temperature operating configuration, the reactor operates in an energy neutral or energy exporting mode. In Phase I, Fabrico proposes to (1) Develop SWRS requirements, (2) Demonstration MIH technology, (3) Develop integration requirements, and (4) Develop a Phase II prototype plan. In Phase II, Fabrico intends to fabricate, test and demonstrate a MIH-SWRS at a DOD site.