Framework for Adaptive Learning CONtent Management Delivery (FALCON)

Period of Performance: 04/04/2012 - 10/04/2012


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Knowledge Based Systems, Inc.
1408 University Drive East Array
College Station, TX 77840
Principal Investigator


Knowledge Based Systems, Inc. (KBSI) proposes to research, design, and demonstrate a Framework for Adaptive Learning CONtent Management Delivery (FALCON). FALCON will include the following innovative capabilities (1) training content management and content delivery using multiple training modes and at multiple levels of fidelity; (2) automated and adaptive training performance assessment and testing mechanisms; (3) adaptive and dynamic multi-modal training content refinement based on measured learner deficiencies; and (4) compliance with training system standards including SCORM, HLA, and DIS. The proposed Phase I effort will (i) establish requirements for hybrid learning content design, assembly, and delivery for Air and Space Operations Center intelligence officer training, (ii) establish methods for combining Computer Based Training with Simulation Based Training, (iii) establish architecting approaches for combining SCORM-compliant training with HLA-DIS-compliant training; and (iv) design and demonstrate a proof-of-concept of the FALCON technology. The Phase II project will design and demonstrate a focused and scalable FALCON learning management training application.