Secure Processing and Data Management Cloud (.CRUNCH V3)

Period of Performance: 05/04/2012 - 02/04/2013


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Colorado Engineering Inc.
1915 Jamboree Drive Array
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Principal Investigator


ABSTRACT: Colorado Engineering, Inc. (CEI) proposes to develop transparent resource provisioning techniques with self-adaptive control and virtualization that support on-demand cloud computing for enterprise systems. Cloud computing facilitates shared and dynamic allocation of resources to reduce cost through multiplexing and to enable on-demand services. However, providing on-demand services and cloud computing imposes a few major challenging issues including: transparency, scalability, platform heterogeneity, and unstable network bandwidth. The work proposed here will address these challenges by making computing and storage resources location transparent, supporting collaborative applications in difference scales with little or no impact in performance. BENEFIT: CEI has developed software and hardware technologies for a variety of government programs, and the team has transitioned over 37 products to production for use in DoD and Government systems. CEI also has experience commercializing technology developed under Government-funded programs. Products are packaged as COTS items, listed on a catalog price sheet, supported with technical application notes and marketing materials, and made available for sale to both the commercial and Government markets. CEI will promote technologies developed under this effort as part of its standard commercial product marketing and sales activities. The technology being developed to support transparent and autonomic resource provisioning techniques with self-adaptive control and virtualization can apply to any government or commercial need for cloud computing, since such approaches hold the promise of reduced costs through the shared and dynamic allocation of resources. On-demand cloud computing would be of particular interest to large scale enterprise computing environments which would find the technology to be of great benefit when dynamically allocating computing resources across disparate organizational boundaries. Examples of applications that could benefit from this research include enterprise file sharing, online entertainment and retail, telephony and cable systems, and image and video processing pipelines. CEI will leverage its marketing/sales resources to target companies like Amazon, Disney/Pixar, Google, and HP.