Crystallization of Energetic Materials with Limited Solubility

Period of Performance: 01/25/2012 - 07/25/2012


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

NALAS Engineering Services Inc.
85 Westbrook Road Array
Centerbrook, CT 06409
Principal Investigator


The energetic material community has a need to produce energetic materials in varying particle sizes and morphologies. Control of particle and morphology allows the formulator to investigate various aspects of processing and performance associated with the energetic material. Unfortunately, recrystallization of energetic materials to achieve the desired physical characteristics can prove to be a challenge. Some classes of energetic materials show little or no solubility in any traditional solvents; others have limited solubility in solvents predicted to demonstrate favorable morphology. The challenge is identifying solvents that provide sufficient solubility for crystallization while producing a favorable morphology. It is proposed that innovative models and experimental methods be developed to identify novel solvents for specific energetic molecule crystallizations. The models will predict the solvent systems suitable for specific materials resulting in desired morphology.