Disposable Real-time Underwater Mine Explosion Locator (DRUMEL)

Period of Performance: 03/08/2012 - 03/08/2013


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Trident Research LLC
2100 Kramer Lane, Suite 250
Austin, TX 78758
Principal Investigator


Trident Research proposes to develop a Disposable Real-time Underwater Mine Explosion Locator (DRUMEL) capable of accurately detecting and localizing the detonation of an underwater mine that has been swept by the acoustic and magnetic influence of the Unmanned Influence Sweep System (UISS). This information is critical in determining mission effectiveness and in gauging the progress of the sweeping operation. The capabilities of a system to meet these requirements are an achievable extension of in-water scoring systems developed and fielded by Trident Research. The DRUMEL system is designed to be integrated with the UISS unmanned surface vehicle (USV) and to support testing on manned and unmanned test platforms during the UISS development and testing. After completion of initial capability demonstration, it is expected that the DRUMEL system would be integrated as an organic capability for UISS. The DRUMEL Phase II Base and Option efforts will refine the Phase I engineering design, fabricate and test prototype system components, and participate in coordinated exercises with the prototype components installed on a US Navy test platform.