Versatile Micro/Nano-mechanical Load Frame For In Situ Studies

Period of Performance: 09/29/2011 - 10/02/2013


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Psylotech LLC
820 Davis Street Suite 120
Evanston, IL 60201
Principal Investigator


Small scale mechanical testing is often a bottleneck in micro and nanocomposite materials development. The proposed Psylotech system is a miniature universal test system that accommodates rigid materials and soft materials, such as biological tissues and rubber in the form of uniaxially loaded samples. The Psylotech nano/micro/milli Test System (nTS) is the evolution and integration of systems developed by Dr. Chasiotis at UIUC with the addition of large stroke for ultra ductile materials and liquid environment testing. It has been designed to be capable of spanning 7 orders of magnitude in length scales (20 mm to 5 nm) and 9 orders of magnitude in load scales (40 N to 25 nN), taking advantage of proprietary high resolution sensor technology, precision actuators and methods for high temporal and spatial resolution experiments with micron and submicron ductile and brittle structures (UIUC patent pending). The nTS is specifically designed to facilitate the use of Digital Image Correlation strain field measurement in concert with a variety of microscopy techniques, notably Atomic Force, Environmental Scanning Electron, Optical and confocal laser microscopy. The nTS design also incorporates testing packages for Dynamic Mechanical Analysis and in-vivo testing on submersed specimens.