Integrated Communications System-Next

Period of Performance: 09/14/2011 - 09/14/2013


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

185 South Broad St. Suite 303
Pawcatuck, CT 06379
Principal Investigator


Rite-Solutions proposes continued development of a new generation of Interior Communications System (ICS-Next) to reduce Total Ownership Costs (TOC) by lowering acquisition, installation, and maintenance cost while moving shipboard communications functionality into the 21 st century. To accomplish these goals, this proposal describes how the ICS-Next network, announcing, and information assurance architectures will be developed and documented. The proposal also describes how a prototype ICS-Next would be constructed with these architectures using commercial components. The proposal also describes how this prototype would then be used to confirm the ability of ICS-Next to meet all of the fundamental communication requirements in addition to demonstrating a number of new communications capabilities and services.