Innovative Sensor to Measure Detonation Properties of Propellants and Explosives

Period of Performance: 06/28/2011 - 07/01/2013


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Columbia Gorge Research, LLC
2555 NE 205th Avenue PO Box 382
Fairview, OR 97024
Principal Investigator


A breakthrough high speed approach to measure velocity, position, pressure and temperature during burn, deflagration and detonation of highly energetic materials has been successfully demonstrated during Phase I using specially designed fiber grating sensor assemblies. Phase II is directed toward greatly extending measurement capabilities with parallel development of a prototype read out system and sensor assemblies that will allow the system to be widely fielded and commercialized. The speed of the initial prototype will allow detection of events with rise times of approximately 3 to 5 ns over length of 135 mm. Extensions of sensor capabilities will allow sensing over longer lengths and the fundamentals of the system allow high speeds to be obtained. The initial target operational speed is chosen to result in the highest possible signal to noise level while retaining cost effectiveness by accessing commerically available detectors and amplifiers. The Phase I read out system had a dynamic range up to approximately 1,500,000 psi with sensor assemblies surviving pressures that are estimated to exceed 4,000,000 psi. The Phase II read out system will be designed to extend the read out range to 4,000,000 psi and greatly enhance the ability to separate out pressure and temperature measurements that were demonstrated but limited during Phase I feasiblity demonstrations.