Universal Video Imaging Sensor

Period of Performance: 08/09/2010 - 10/01/2011


Phase 2 STTR

Recipient Firm

Latel Corporation
2850 Horizon Ridge Parkway Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89052
Principal Investigator
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Research Institution

University of Nevada Las Vegas
4505 Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154
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This Phase II proposal intends to design and develop a robust wireless video image sensor system capable of long term reconnaissance and surveillance deployment. Video images of targeted object would be captured via an all-weather, low-light, high resolution camera and broadcast to locations world-wide through satellite communication transceivers. Command centers as well as tactical patrols near the target would be able to observe streaming video images in real time. This actionable intelligence provides an extra dimension for the armed forces and other agencies in combating counterinsurgency. The video camera can pan, tilt, and zoom for high image resolution, increasing the probability of detect and decreasing the false alarm rate. Power is supplied by batteries with advanced technology. They are also rechargeable through solar energy for long term operation (weeks and months). Usage of camouflage techniques ensure that the system operates in stealth and security. The video images are compressed, encrypted, and transmitted uplink to satellites via a miniature satellite communication transceiver. The downlink images are received, decoded and displayed at designated locations. This system is particularly suitable for stealth observation of high value targets and strategic locations, and for other special security operations.