Novel Methods to Improve Performance of Silver-Zinc Batteries

Period of Performance: 07/21/2010 - 01/21/2011


Phase 1 SBIR

Recipient Firm

BST Systems Inc.
78 Plainfield Pike Road
Plainfield, CT 06474
Principal Investigator


BST Systems proposes a development program that will result in the elimination of the deficiencies of the silver zinc chemistry: Specifically, the program will result in large format silver zinc cells and batteries that have longer life, longer cycle life, are sealed and will require minimal maintenance requirements. Energy densities and power densities will equal or exceed that of lithium ion, however, unlike the lithium ion electrochemistry, they will be safe. This new technology will greatly benefit the Navy as they will have available a safe high energy electric propulsion capability utilizing a safe high energy large format battery. In the recent past, a vast amount of technologic advances have been made in electrochemical and fuel cell technologies with synthetic polymer membrane development. BST proposes to incorporate these technologies into large format silver zinc cells to achieve: a) An increase in calendar life and cycle life by eliminating the cellulosic separator systems b) An increase the cyclic capacity retention by significantly reducing the loss of negative electrode active material. c) The production of a maintenance free product by sealing the cell. This is achievable by reducing internal cell corrosion, reducing and recombining gaseous by-products and automatically micro-managing the charge process.