Advanced Visualization Methods for Mission Planning, Course of Action (COA) Evaluation and After Action Review (AAR).

Period of Performance: 05/18/2010 - 06/18/2012


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

Sonalysts, Inc.
215 Parkway North Array
Waterford, CT 06385
Principal Investigator


Sonalysts and Boeing will develop, conduct and demonstrate a high-fidelity 3D visualization environment for Course of Action (COA) planning, analysis, rehearsal, and AAR prototype system (COARVET) in support of Air Force mission planning operations. During Phase I of this topic, Sonalysts and Boeing developed a feasible concept, a functional design specification, and a proof-of-concept COARVET application to demonstrate a notional mission planning scenario from planning through AAR. During Phase II, we will develop a prototype demonstration COARVET system by enhancing the Phase I COARVET with Air Force validated rule-sets, doctrine, and HCI visualization. Sonalysts will also work with Boeing to develop interfaces with USAF tools such as Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) and Portable Flight Planning Software (PFPS) for the inclusion of external real-world data, and will investigate connectivity with other USAF tools and/or networks. Lastly, we will conduct a field evaluation of the COARVET prototype with USAF mission planning personnel to ensure objectives are successfully achieved in order to support AOC mission planning. BENEFIT: We anticipate the result of our Phase II effort will be a successful field evaluation/demonstration to USAF personnel of the high fidelity 3D COARVET visualization environment s COA planning, analysis, rehearsal, and AAR effectiveness to the mission planning process. A key benefit of this research and development will be the creation of a cost effective PC-based 3D environment which spans all phases of mission planning, analysis, rehearsal, and AAR in order to compress and increase the accuracy of the military planning cycle to increase combat readiness and decrease losses. A second key benefit is the inclusion of a logical rule-set capability into our commercial game engine to provide real-time analysis and visualization in support of a broad scope of DoD and commercial planning situations. The gaming environment is also inherently flexible to a broad range of commercial and military applications. Potential commercial applications include application of key features into future commercial gaming products; disaster relief planning and analysis and operations; tactical decision support in areas of uncertainty; and U.S. Navy mission planning and operations.