Development of Tensioned Phased Array Structural Technologies

Period of Performance: 02/04/2010 - 04/04/2012


Phase 2 SBIR

Recipient Firm

L'Garde, Inc.
15181 Woodlawn Avenue
Tustin, CA 92780
Principal Investigator


L Garde is developing a new technology to enable the tensioning of planar phased array systems maintaining their planarity to within 1 mm overall out-of-plane deformation. This will mitigate the use of expensive and bulky metrology and RF compensation systems. The main objective of Phase II is to design and build a 2m x 5m tensioned phased array tailored to meet input mission requirements from AFRL. In order to accomplish this, L Garde will update the concept design and analyses developed in Phase I for the cable net with panels system. Since for Phase I L Garde was able to develop and analyze the panels with cable net system, for Phase II the majority of the effort will be focused to design and manufacture a support structure. The envisioned support structure will be made of deployable trusses. BENEFIT: One of the primary purposes of this program will be the commercialization of tensioned phased arrays. The tensioned phased array systems that are envisaged can be used in both commercial and military applications. On the commercial level, these tensioned apertures are useful for marine commerce identification and tracking missions, earth science radar, communications, imaging, and other remote sensing applications. On the military level, these tensioned apertures are useful for object identification and tracking, signal intelligence missions, communications, imaging, and radar. L Garde s approach to commercialize these systems includes partnering with the Air Force and other DoD agencies to develop cost-efficient fabrication techniques and to market the apertures to the largest possible market. Initially, the size of these structures would be small, but the success of Phase II will allow the development of larger systems in Phase III. L Garde is in constant contact with our customers and understands their systems needs. Our president and senior management possess significant marketing experience and business insight derived from their significant knowledge of the aerospace market, most importantly, so do our senior engineers. It must also be mentioned that L Garde has at its disposal all the modern marketing communications and desktop publishing tools, and the people necessary to create the requisite marketing literature, in addition to our extremely active web homepage.